Whether you have a birthday, leaving do, wedding or anniversary coming up, if you’re looking to pick up a present or three for a dog lover, then we’ve got you covered.

From imaginative customisable options to full-on pooch-friendly road trips, there are a number of great ways to put a big smile on the face of your friend, family member or loved one, allowing them to enjoy their big day with a gift you know that they will love.

So, without any further ado, let’s get into it. Listed below are some of the best gift ideas to consider buying for a dog lover.

Create a custom range of stickers

Whether your gift recipient has a favourite breed of dog, or they love dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds, creating a custom range of stickers on their behalf can be a great way of providing them with a highly personalised gift.

Alternatively, if they already have their own pooch, there are a number of sticker printing services currently available which can transform your customised designs into a reality, providing them with a wide range of dog stickers to use as and when they please.

Pick up some handmade dog slippers

If you're looking to get a gift that will really provide a bit of 'wow' factor to your friend, family member or loved one's big day, then picking up a pair of plush slippers from Cuddle Clones is a sure-fire way to do exactly that.

Handcrafted using the highest quality faux fur on the market, these slippers may cost a pretty penny at $249 but, if your recipient is a dog owner themselves, they offer an incredibly unique way of capturing all the unique details of their pet, being handmade to look just like them.

Get creative using yarn

One of the slightly more unusual ideas on this list, if your recipient’s dog is known for being quite a big shedder, there are currently a number of services available which can actually turn dog hair into yarn.

This, in turn, can then provide you with a form of wool which you can then transform into a knitted product of some kind.

Whether it be a scarf, a jumper, a blanket or a tea cosy, this customisable gift will not only demonstrate how much time and effort you have gone to but it will also allow you to recycle the dog’s fur and convert it into a useful product with a meaning behind it.

Invest in a matching face mask & bandana set

If you're looking for a COVID-friendly gift that screams 'like owner like dog' then picking up a face mask and matching bandana set could be a great shout.

Available from a wide range of sellers on Amazon, eBay and brands like The Foggy Dog, these high-quality bandanas are designed to make dogs look particularly dapper while out on walks, while the accompanying face mask will provide the gift recipient with a fun way to match their dog and keep protected from potential viruses.

Keep track with a dog camera

If your friend, family member or loved one simply can't go a minute without worrying or talking about their dog, then a Furbo Dog Camera is a great way for them to keep an extra eye on them while they're spending their time out and about.

This camera offers Full HD capability and two-way chat functionality for owners to talk to – and even release treats for – their dog by simply pressing a button on the accompanying smartphone app.

This, in turn, can help prevent dog separation anxiety – a growing issue in light of the pandemic and various periods of lockdown we’ve all had to endure.

Book them a photoshoot

As the old phrase goes, a picture speaks a thousand words. So, why not treat your friend, family member or loved one to a day they will never forget by booking them in for a doggy photoshoot?

As a relatively inexpensive way to purchase a gift you know they are bound to love, a doggy photoshoot will capture their pooch in all their glory, utilising the skills of a talented photographer to show them looking as cute, playful and happy as they can be.

What’s more, after the photoshoot is over, the photos will live long in the memory and provide a wonderful keepsake for them to hang in their home.

Happy hunting!

The ideal gift for your dog lover friend or family member will ultimately depend on them, their interests and your budget.

If you’re looking for something incredibly unique, a pair of handmade pooch slippers would go down a treat. But, if you’re after a practical solution to help ease their conscience when they’re away from the home, a dog camera would be a fantastic option.

Whatever gift you decide to buy them, we hope that the ideas listed above have provided you with some inspiration on where to start your search.