What do you buy for the person who has everything, and a dog? It should be an easy question to answer since there’s no shortage of gifts aimed at dog parents and their fur babies. But the bigger the choice, the bigger the dilemma – where do you even start? 

We’ve put together our 11 favourite gifts for dog lovers and their four legged companions that range from the super practical to the totally indulgent. As unique, thoughtful doggie gifts go, you might just find what you’re looking for. 

Creature comforts

Indulge your pooch with a dog bed that’s every bit as good as your own. The Casper Dog Mattress (‘You barked, we listened’) is a high quality memory foam mattress with a fortified construction that won’t sink, slump or sag. The product of 110 prototypes, 460 hours of lab testing and 11 months of dog sleep studies, the dog bed is available in a choice of three colours and sizes, and comes with a 100-night trial. 

Dog Shower Wand

Everybody loves long country walks but bath time can be an entirely different matter. Enter the Waterpik Pet Wand, a handy dog grooming tool that can make all the difference between a wet, dirty and uncooperative pet, and a freshly washed pooch. This handheld shower attachment gets to work quickly, easily and effectively to rinse down dogs of any size and with enough power to remove dirt and shampoo with the minimum of fuss. Happy dog, happy owner.

Pet calendars

What could be better than looking at your four legged best friend all year round? Design your own calendar featuring a different favourite pooch pic every month. Online suppliers such as YouLovePrint have desk and wall calendar templates that you can customise to your heart’s content, including paper and binding options, with internet ordering, professional printing and fast home delivery that makes the whole process a walk in the park!

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Dog food subscription boxes

You’ve heard of Hello Fresh, Gousto and MyCookBox? Well, now you can get meal service kits for the four-legged member of the family too. Here are the main industry players offering real food that’s freshly made and delivered to your door. More than that, these are vet designed meal plans that are customised to your pet’s individual needs, with just the right portion size for your dog based on the profile created by you.

Interactive pet camera

For dog owners who are wondering what their pooch is up to when they’re not at home, a dog camera is a great idea. Furbo have taken this idea much further. It’s an interactive camera with a connected app that lets you see and talk to your dog when you’re away. Not only can you monitor your pet with a 160 degree wide-angle view, you can communicate through two-way voice chat and throw treats to your dog!

Homemade doggie treats

Dedicated dog parents who love to cook from scratch for their pets may be interested in these super cute silicone baking moulds shaped in the form of a bone or paw print. They come with an accompanying recipe book with lots of imaginative ideas for making delicious, dog biscuits or freezer fruit treats for the summer. If love goes through the stomach, what better way to give your pooch some homemade, fresh and healthy TLC. 

Dog Obsessed

The ultimate guide for the ‘dog obsessed’, i.e. those with an all-consuming desire to make their dog happy and healthy, from the food in his bowl to how he celebrates his birthdays. This wonderful book features plenty of kitchen advice and easy-to-prepare recipes and treats, vet approved health advice, travel tips and lots of other useful guidance on how to give your pup the happiest and longest possible life.

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Dog DNA testing kit

In recent years, DNA testing kits have taken the world by storm as a way for normal people to obtain a fascinating insight into their own ethnicity and genealogy. Now, you can do something similar for your pet. Several providers are offering DNA tests for dogs, providing scientific data to enable you to figure out the exact breed, learn about potential health risks, sensitivities to medication and other important factors to enhance your dog’s quality of life.

‘Doga’ pet jewellery

Dog-themed jewellery is nothing new, but how about recycled sterling silver jewellery depicting dogs doing yoga? Yes, ‘doga’ – doing yoga with your dog – is a thing and it promises to deliver a raft of benefits for both dog and owner. The Dazzling Paws Jewelry Namaste Collection has gorgeous pendants and earrings featuring dogs and humans posing in various yoga poses including Boat Pose, Warrior III Pose and – wait for it – Downward Dog!

Pet pouch hoodie

Keep your puppy or small dog close to your heart with a pet pouch hoodie – the easy way to carry your fur baby around like a kangaroo, wherever you are. Cuddle your pup around the house or take it for a walk while wearing a durable, fashionable and functional hoodie that’s casual, soft and comfortable for both pet and owner. Made from quality cotton, cotton blend or snuggly fleece, available in a wide range of styles and colours.

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 Dog activity monitor

Keep track of steps taken, calories burnt, heartbeat and other health related information by putting an activity monitor on your pooch. With the FitBark 2, you can monitor your pet’s everyday activity and gain deep, actionable health insights. Motivate your dog to be more active, explain behavioural changes and make better dog related decisions all round. And with our new FitBark GPS, you can use state-of-the-art technology to keep your dog safe by tracking his whereabouts at all times.

About the Author:Annie Button is a passionate dog lover. She volunteers at her local shelter and is keen to get involved with a number of animal welfare charities. Annie enjoys sharing her knowledge of our four-legged friends through her writing.