If you’re planning to embark on a road trip later this year once COVID-19 has passed, you have probably thought of bringing your fur baby along for the ride. As a pet owner, planning to take a trip with your pet can require a lot of planning in advance, such as seeing if they can handle being in a car, potty break locations, and other dog-friendly pit stops. These factors are all aspects of a pet road trip that need to be considered to ensure a smooth ride. 

If you’re new to the road trip scene and you haven’t taken your pet along before, you may need some helpful tips before you can set out on your adventure. We’ve got you covered by putting together 12 road trip routes based on proximity to pet-friendly locations in various cities. We also highlighted stop like dog-friendly beaches, hikes, parks, and more to make sure you and your pup experience many fun things to do. Whether you live in Portland or Tampa, you’re bound to find a road trip experience that’s perfect for you and your furry legged friend. 

Based on how your dog handles being in a car you can even filter out certain road trip locations and duration! We are aware that certain dogs handle being on the road better than others, so this variety of trips are split up by the time it takes to complete the trip:

  • Short distance trips: under four hours
  • Long-distance trips: six-plus hours

How to Protect Your Dog From the Coronavirus

During these uncertain times, there are some general hygiene rules you should follow, whether you’re setting off on a road trip with your dog or you’re staying at home.

  • Wash your hand with soap and water after contact with any animal.
  • Wipe your pet’s paws with paw cleaner or paw wipes before they jump in the car or come back in the house.
  • Make an appointment with your vet before hitting the road
  • Follow the CDC’s recommendations for traveling with pets

Although this list does not include all of the possible trips you can take, these are certainly a great way to get started and plan a new adventure with your dog in tow! We decided to stick to mapping out pet-friendly road trips instead of hotels since that’s what we know best. 

Thank you to CarRentals.com for this amazing infographic and post!