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FitBark GPS2nd Generation
The world's smallest pet tracker just got an upgrade!
3x Antenna performance for better tracking in rural areas and urban canyons
Real time, continuous location updates in live tracking mode
Always connected to the best network available (Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile)
Weeks of battery life and more reliable escape detection
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She might be starting to go grey but she's still always keen for a new adventure ๐Ÿ’™
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All-in-one Pet GPS & Health Tracker
Track location in real-time nationwide
Get alerted when your pet leaves a Wi-Fi Safe Place
Monitor health, sleep & behavior 24/7
Monitor mobility, anxiety & skin conditions
Compare health with that of similar pets
Pets and humans on one family dashboard
Unmatched comfort
At 16 grams, FitBark GPS is the only tracker that uncompromisingly fits 5 lb and 240 lb pets.
Research grade
Learn why 150+ research institutions trust our trackers and use our platform to advance science.
โ€œI tried all the GPS for dogs out there and we have been waiting for the FitBark to do a GPS version for a while. The activity data is by far the best one out there.โ€
Jerry West73, App Store
Link your human health monitor
The smartest GPS collar keeps pets and humans healthy together.
Apple Watch app and Fitbit Clock Face
Your pet's location and health stats, right on your wrist.
โ€œFitBark GPS is better than the competition in nearly every measurable way. The app works, Fitbit integration is dope, the social aspect of being able to invite friends to follow my dogs is cool, and their customer service exceeded my expectations.โ€
Zach, Google Play
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