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FitBark GPS 2nd Gen
Pet Location + Health Tracker
The smallest and most comfortable GPS tracker for dogs and cats. 16 grams packed with LTE, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. Waterproof and backed by a friendly 2-year warranty. Wi-Fi and mobile always-on location permission required.
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2-Year Product Warranty
30-Day Money Back on Tracker
30-Day Money Back on Subscription
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Track your pet 24/7 with 4G LTE connectivity
Select a plan in the FitBark app to activate the embedded sim card.
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$166.80 every 2 years
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Peace of mind. Motivation. Insight.
All-in-one Pet GPS & Health Tracker
Track location in real time from your phone nationwide
Get alerted when your pet leaves a Wi-Fi Safe Place
Monitor health, sleep and behavior 24/7
Monitor mobility, anxiety and skin conditions
Compare health with that of similar pets
Get pets and humans on one family dashboard
Taps into all 3 major US carriers
It automatically switches so you always get the best coverage nationwide!
“I have the Fitbark GPS unit and I absolutely love it. I got it for peace of mind. I was just away for work and I was able to check on my boy at home 5 states away.”
"We have these on all four of our dogs and they are a lifesaver. Our dogs are microchipped just in case but with the FitBark it's never even come to that. If they get out we know right away and we can track them to their exact location. The customer service is phenomenal as well."
The Red Moon Pack
“We LOVE FitBark! If Bailey steps a paw out of the yard FitBark alerts me... It’s a GPS tracker and so much more! I highly recommend!”
Wendy Wellman
Lighter. Stronger. Purpose-built.
At 16 grams, FitBark GPS is the only tracker on earth that uncompromisingly fits 5 lb and 240 lb pets. It's also waterproof, and attaches to your existing collar (up to 1.5 inch wide).
Battery lasts weeks
Most pups and kitties typically recharge every 3-5 weeks. But every pet is unique! Here's what to expect.
Monitor mobility, anxiety & skin conditions
Get alerted to early signs of illness and monitor existing medical issues.
I got the device to help track activity for my old dog who has arthritis. It helps me understand how much activity is too much and to watch for signs of pain. We haven't had many issues but the customer service is amazing, Highly recommend this!
As a veterinary professional using FitBark for their own dog, I highly recommend! I have been able to see if my dog's separation anxiety has been acting up, or if she is just napping the day away!
FitBark has played an important role in helping to keep our active, diabetic Jack Russell regulated. Balancing activity, food and medication was almost impossible until we got our FitBark. Now, we view the FitBark information multiple times each day to help us manage his care.
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FitBark GPS
2nd Gen
FitBark 2
Product family
GPS + Health
Requires subscription
Location tracking
Escape alerts
Health monitoring
Link your human tracker
Multiple pets with one app
Multiple owners and caregivers
Device weight
Pet weight from
Battery life up to
6 months
Frequently Asked Questions
🐱 Kitty health analytics for your FitBark GPS are in the works!