Millennials and Gen Z are two of the most fashion-conscious generations as they care a lot about aesthetics, and that applies not only to their clothes and homes, but also their pets. Many young dog owners dress up their pets to reflect their sense of style, and they have no qualms about investing in dog outfits and accessories. According to recent data, 35% of pet parents consider product design when choosing pet accessories. Moreover, 59% of dog parents have coordinated their outfit with that of their pet at least once.

Indeed, putting clothing on your pooch can do more than just keep them warm and cozy. Dressing them up can also help them stand out so they're more identifiable, and if you match your clothing to that of your pet, you can create a stronger bond while having lots of fun. Here are a few ways to coordinate outfits with your dog. 

Dress Up in the Same Colors

Pet owners who twin with their dogs are no different from moms or dads who coordinate clothing with their kids. However, it can be challenging to find matching clothing styles for a dog and a pet owner. If you have a passion for fashion and you find that there is a serious gap in the market for matching dog and pet owner clothing, you can start a clothing brand by teaming up with clothes manufacturers for startups. This could become a fruitful venture since there's a demand for more clothing styles for dogs due to the increasing trend of pet humanization. According to recent data, the pet clothing market is expected to be worth over $9.15 billion by 2030, so now would be a great time to get creative and design some trendy dog apparel.

Meanwhile, if you're just looking for an easy, no-fuss way to coordinate outfits with your pet, the simplest way to do so is by wearing clothing in the same color. To start with, you can wear matching sweaters or coats in neutral or bright colors during the winter. In the summer months, you and your dog can wear matching cotton shirts in light colors such as pale green, blush, or ice blue to reflect heat and light and keep you cool. Invest in plain pieces instead of printed ones, and make sure that your pooch's clothes are stain-resistant, waterproof, and breathable. 

Match Your Dog's Accessories with Your Clothes

If your dog doesn't feel like wearing clothes, don't fret. You can still coordinate looks with your pet by matching your dog's accessories with your clothing. For instance, if you're wearing a denim jacket and jeans, put a cute denim leash or harness on your pooch before heading outside. You can also let your dog wear a scarf or booties that's in the same shade as your dress or shirt. 

Take it to the Next Level

If you're ready for the ultimate twinning look with your dog, take it to the next level and get matching hair colors. You can dye your hair to match your pooch's fur, but never attempt to color your dog's hair since the chemicals present in hair dye can be toxic to pets. Bring your dog to the salon, or take a picture of your dog in natural light, then show it to your stylist. Doing so enables your stylist to mix up a color that's a close match to your dog's fur. 

Wearing coordinating outfits with your dog can be lots of fun. Consider these tips to twin with your pet so both of you can stand out from the crowd!