Spring is a great time for dogs as there’s lots of mental stimulation in the form of new life, smells, and things to see. Most dog owners spend around 300 minutes each week walking their dogs. Always check that your dog is wearing its GPS tracker when you go out, in case it loses its way while exploring. Another thing to bear in mind during spring is that it can still be cold, especially early in the morning, in the evening, and at night. So, now that spring is here, make sure you do all you can to keep your pooch warm.

Dish up a hot dinner

There’s nothing better than tucking into a warming bowl of soup or a hearty stew when you need warming up. But don’t keep these meals to yourself as your dog will also benefit from them. A wholesome homemade chicken soup, crockpot stew, or Sunday roast are perfect hot dinners for dogs. If you don’t have time to make a fresh meal from scratch for your pet, you can heat wet dog food. The American Kennel Club (AKC) warns against heating in a microwave though as it can destroy vital nutrients. Instead, pop it in a bag and put it in hot water.

Fit in lots of exercise

When dogs run around, the energy stored in their bodies is turned into heat energy. This increases their body temperature and makes them feel warmer. On dry spring days, head outdoors and enjoy a stroll, knowing that your dog is protected by its GPS tracker. But, remember that frosts are still possible in spring. A frost will occur if the temperature falls to 32°F or below. When this is forecast, dress your dog for cold weather. A jacket, snood, and snow booties will keep your dog warm. If it’s a particularly cold day, reduce the length of your walk. You can always exercise indoors instead. Running up and down the stairs and fetch are easy to play and will get your dog’s body temperature up. You could even set up an indoor agility course.

Create cozy nests 

 The recent energy price rises mean that winter heating bills for 2022/2023 are expected to cost up to 28% more than the previous year. As a result, people have been limiting how often they put the heating on in their homes. It’s normal to feel chilly in the spring and your dog will feel it too. Creating cozy nests around your home for your pet to snuggle up in is recommended. If you’ve ever put up a kids’ play tent you’ll know how toasty they get inside. Consider putting one up for your dog to relax in. You could add a dog bed and blankets for extra warmth. A hooded dog bed or fabric kennel are sure to be loved as well.

It’s best not to forget that spring can bring cold, chilly, frosty days. Make sure you and your pooch are prepared for these and that you know how to keep your pet warm during this time of the year.