Spring and summer are the best seasons to take a vacation with your family and loved ones, pets included. Still, planning the trip and packing all the critical essentials beforehand is not always easy, especially if you’re set on bringing along your furry family members, which is why here we have some convenient tips and suggestions to help you prepare for the vacation with your dog and be ready for all potential little emergencies whimsical fate may decide to throw your way.

Dogs running on the beach

Finders, keepers unless otherwise regulated: Update the collar

Lots of awkward situations can happen during a trip with your beloved pet, and before you know it, you may get separated from your dog at the most unexpected places. In order to prevent your precious puppy from winding up in a pound in case of accidental separation, you should get a collar with your pet’s name, your ID and phone number so that the potential finder can contact you and return your dog to you before long.

Keep your friends close and your dog even closer: Get a strong leash

Whether or not your dog may be trained, having a leash close at hand is a must for any trip. When exposed to a new environment, your dog may feel confused, disoriented or insecure and wander off if left loose, so make sure you pack your leash before you set out on your trip. Also, some countries have laws on control and constraint for dogs, so you may even be legally required to tether your pet when out in public.

A dog tail and leash on pavement

All walk and no play makes a dog a sad puppy: Favorite toys and treats

A good way to make sure your dog’s entertained during a trip, your pet’s favorite toys and treats will help your pet feel more at home and keep them occupied when travelling the world. For instance, to avoid your dog getting uncomfortable or fearful in new environments, you can tuck it in its favorite blanket when going to bed, let them play with their favorite squeaky toy during a car trip or feed them their most loved treats when they get edgy or upset. You can also track his behavior and manage daily activities by getting him a FitBark, to make sure your doggy has enough play time when traveling.

A pill a day keeps the vet away: Bring adequate dog meds

Any pet owner knows just how difficult it may be to face a dire pet med emergency while travelling. To prevent any pet health issues and medication crises, make sure you pack some calming aids, worming tablets for dogs, a first aid kit containing some gauze, bandages and tape and any other remedies your dog may require to stay bright-eyed-and-bushy-tailed on the go.

The daily bread and water: Take care of your dog’s diet on the go

When travelling with your pet, having a bottle of water and a hefty supply of its usual food is vital unless you’re eager to go experimenting with the local cuisine upon arrival at your destination. Regardless of how many stops and stay-overs you may have on your trip, some ready grubs are always a welcome go-to solution when your pet gets nervous, afraid or tense.

A black dog lying in a suitcase

A family trip is a great way for you and your loved ones – your dog included - to spend some quality time together and broaden your horizons by new experiences, people and environments. Before you pack your bags and close the door of your home, don’t forget to prepare all the critical items your dog may need on the fly, such as collars, leashes, toys, meds and food. So, are you ready for the road and all the brilliant adventures it has in store for you? Hoist your sails and buckle up for the ride – this summer vacation may turn out to be the best one ever.