It's time to face the truth: you aren't getting any younger and neither is your dog. After everything you've been through together, there comes a point where you may need to make an extra effort for you to both enjoy life to its fullest. Taking a few extra steps can help you both stay healthy and fit so you can enjoy this special time with each other.  

Find Local Pet Care Resources

Unless you have pet insurance, the costs of caring for an older pet with health problems can quickly get out of hand. This is compounded by the fixed income you may be facing in retirement. Luckily, many communities have resources to put seniors in touch with pet products and services at discounted prices. Ask your vet for information about where to turn for help and remember that routine care can help you both stay healthy and avoid those costly bills. 

Learn New Tricks

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks? The great news is that both you and your dog can stay sharp and engaged by learning and experiencing new things. There are plenty of options you can both enjoy. Take them for a walk in a new park where you can both check out the scenery or find a few restaurants that accommodate pet owners and venture out for a nice meal together.

Learning new skills helps stave off cognitive decline, so you aren't just having fun; you are taking steps to preserve your health and memory.

Watch Your Diets

Your body changes as you get older. One of those changes is in your metabolism. Although it encompasses a whole lot more, you can think of it as the rate at which your body creates energy from your food. The higher your metabolism, the more calories you need to consume. So, as it slows down with age, you need fewer calories. Which means cutting back on what you are eating.

Instead of going on a crash diet, find a healthy eating plan that works for you and stick with it long term. A couple of options that have proven to be very sustainable include the DASH and Mediterranean diets, as well as flexitarian and pescatarian programs. Gundry MD reviews suggest that adding a supplement to help boost gut health and aid digestion could be useful. 

You may need to switch your K-9 companion over to a senior version of their food, too. There are some great options that are designed to include extra nutrients to support your pet's changing physiological needs. 

Exercise Together

You both need to stay fit and moving. Joints perform better and accumulate less wear over time with regular exercise. Even old dogs have a lot of life left in them, so get outside for a chance to enjoy each other and nature and boost your health. Take a walk together to check out the neighborhood, play fetch, or even go for a swim. Find an activity you both enjoy and make it a part of your daily routine. 

Perhaps most importantly, spend time together, enjoying the companionship of loyal friends. You might be surprised at how great spending that time together makes you feel.