You have looked for the perfect apartment for ages and you have finally found one. It has all the space that you need, it's in a good location and it's maybe close to your friends or favourite places. You can't wait to talk to the landlord and sign that contract.

However, before you throw yourself into interior design, stop for a second and think about your furry/feathery/scaly friend – or rather how your future landlord will feel about it.

Before you start looking for ways to defend your precious baby, you might want to consider writing a pet resume. This is a simple yet effective overview of your pet that will bring it closer to your landlord and make the entire situation easier for you.

Here is how to write a pet resume that will make your future landlord love your pet as much as you do:

Put basic information at the very beginning

Start your pet resume buy stating the name of your pet, his/her breed and age. This will suffice as an introductory information and it will help the landlord build some sort of a relationship with your pet. A fun headline is a good idea, something like 'Furry wants to live in your home' or similar titles which can immediately entertain your landlord.

Add your personal information

Next to your pet's basic information, you should add your own information – especially how they should contact you in case they have any more questions, some rules or opinions about your pet etc. “Let them know when they can reach you and what is your preferred way of communicating. This is also good because there are probably more applicants and they have to know who this pet belongs to”, - explains Marcelo Connor, a business writer and editor at UK Top Writers.

Include a good photo of your pet

A good photo is essential. It will do more for your pet's acceptance than anything else on the resume. Take a new picture of your pet in a home, where the owner could see that the pet knows how to behave. You can even create a small collage of your pet in different situations –alone, with familiar people, with kids and with strangers.

Add a video if it's an electronic resume

Ultimately, it's best to go for electronic if that's an option. You can definitely add more flare to the resume that way. Adding videos, especially, can help the landlord understand your pet better. You probably have a lot of great footage of your pet on various occasions, so you could create a special video for the resume where you would combine a few good quality videos.

Introduce them to your pet

The rest of your resume can be dedicated to the further introduction of your pet to the landlord. This means that you can tell them about your pet's personality, the way he behaves with children, what he likes and dislikes, if there is anything that they need to know, what their gender is etc.

Write a reader friendly pet resume

Readability is one of your main strong points in this resume. Along with representing your pet in the perfect light, you have to remember to represent yourself as well. You can't achieve that with a poorly written resume. Spelling and grammar are something you should always take care of if you don't want to appear uneducated and lazy – these traits scare landlords off:

- State of Writing and Via Writing are online writing guides that will assist you in making your resume feel like it has been written by a writer.

- Essay Roo is an online editing and proofreading tool recommended by Write My Australia that will help you proofread.  

- Study Demic is a grammar guide that will help you fix your mistakes.

- Boom Essays and UK Writings are online formatting tools that will help make your resume look good amazing.

- Academ Advisor is a guide to creating an appealing headline for your resume.

- Writing Populist and Academized are online grammar checkers that can improve the pet resume you are writing.

Include your pet's neuter and training status

This is the part that will matter the most to the reluctant landlord. Neuter status of your pet can signal them about how your pet behaves and interacts with other pets and his training status matters naturally, especially toilet training.


If you want a landlord to accept your pet, you have to create a good pet resume. These tips will help you out in your mission to represent your pet better than ever. Just make sure that you are honest because you don't want any surprises that could potentially make your owner evict you.