Taking care of a dog isn't as easy as it might seem. When you decide to get yourself a pet dog, you are automatically gaining a lot of responsibilities, it's practically like having a baby instead of a pet.

Obviously, your top priority should be keeping your dog as healthy as possible at all times. You need to provide them with good food, appropriate housing, medical care and last but certainly not least, regular grooming. If you end up neglecting grooming, your dog will most likely develop some health problems and you definitely don't want that.

In other words, you should regularly take your dog to a professional groomer if you consider yourself a responsible pet owner. Why is grooming so important, you ask? Well, if you keep on reading this article, you'll find out soon enough.

A fluffy white dog on the beach

It prevents any unwanted health complications from occurring

If you don't take your dog to the groomer regularly, you unwillingly increase the chances of your dog developing some health issues. It's quite simple actually, a dog's coat, or more precisely, a neglected dog's coat is an ideal place for bacterial growth. Dampness, absence of light, dirt and filth, and dead skin cells together with loose hair strands provide a perfect nesting ground for bacteria and fungus which cause skin infections and inflammations.

Mats also tend to appear relatively quickly in the absence of proper grooming, and getting rid of them can prove itself to be pretty difficult more often than not. And they also lead to some complications so leaving them be isn't an option either.

Another important skill that most professional groomers have is the ability to spot some warning signs on time. Then they can give you an advice how to avoid the potential problem and save you and your pet from a lot of troubles.

A dog being given a bath

Professional groomers know how to handle dogs of all breeds and temperaments

Some dogs are afraid of hair clipping, others dread nail cutting, some get nervous when they are being washed, and some just don't like the sound of grooming tools being used. When a dog is feeling uneasy or anxious, they can be a bit unpredictable and behave badly. This can be troublesome when they are being groomed because any sudden movements could cause them to accidentally hurt themselves or the person taking care of them.

Groomers have a lot of experience with such things, so they can't be caught off guard and surprised. They also know what causes the dog to feel that way, and how to calm them down and help them relax.

If you aren't able to take your dog to the professional, do the grooming yourself with the help of these few tips

Slowly introduce your dog to all of the tools, let them know that they won't harm them. Let them sniff the tools, turn the electric clippers on so that they can get accustomed to the sound, use a brush on yourself and so on. Also – make sure you are using the right tools for your dog’s size, coat type and/or breed. If you need to buy some new doggy grooming products, check out review websites like Trimepil to ensure you have the right hair clippers for your poodle, shitzu or badly matted dog.

Have them use up any excess energy by playing with them before grooming. That way, they won't fidget around or refuse to cooperate during the activity.

Brush their fur regularly, often with long haired breeds, less often with dogs that have short hair. At least once a week is recommended. And don't forget to put an old towel underneath the dog when cutting their hair or brushing them.

Use quality products when it comes to soaps or creams, avoid the cheap ones, they can irritate your dog's skin.

Be patient and careful, don't rush things or you might harm your dog accidentally.

Now you know why grooming is important and why you must not neglect it. As long as you take proper care of your dog, they'll remain happy and healthy, which means that they'll stay by your side for a long time. Remember that and you and your dog will both be happy.