Having a pet go missing can be an incredibly traumatic experience for both pet and owner. While there are a number of ways you can ensure your dog’s safety, including GPS devices, apps, and chips, having a high-quality dog tag is one of the best ways you can better ensure that your dog is returned to you. If you’re wondering about the benefits of top-quality dog tags, read on here to learn more.

Benefits of Tags

You might be thinking that your dog never goes anywhere without you or that your pet is already microchipped, so why do you need a dog tag or collar? The most important thing a tag or collar does for your pet is to signify that it has a home. That way, if your dog ever gets out unexpectedly, anyone who picks them up knows that they’re not a stray. It can protect your dog from being surrendered to shelters and possibly being adopted out to a new home or sitting for years in a cage waiting for you to find them.

If you equip your dog with a detailed enough collar, it can also ensure that your pet is returned to you much more quickly when they’re lost. Including a phone number or address to call could be the critical information that brings them back to you as soon as possible.

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Tags Won’t Get Lost

It can be very frustrating to realize that your dog tags or collar have gotten ruined and need to be replaced frequently. You’re spending more money over the years replacing substandard collars and tags than buying just one that could last a decade. When you choose a tag or collar made from stainless steel, waterproof nylon, or high-quality leather, you’ll notice that it lasts much longer than products made from low-quality materials like polyester or tin.

They’ll Be Legible for Years

While you obviously want the engraving on your dog ID to be accurate, have you considered the precision and depth of the cut? Many high-quality dog tag companies are now using cutting edge technology to improve the longevity and legibility of their products. Laser engraving allows retailers to provide precision cuts that last for decades. No smudging, scuffing, or scratching can ruin the integrity of a top notch laser engraved tag.

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Better Materials & Comfort

The comfort of your pet is of the utmost importance to many dog parents. You don’t want something that’s itchy and uncomfortable because your dog will constantly be trying to take it off. With high-quality dog tags and collars, your pet gets an accessory that is soft and lightweight. Companies who actually care about their products always consider how they’ll feel when your pet is wearing them. You don’t have to worry about toxic materials or scratching fabrics when you buy something that’s made with integrity.

Appropriate Weight & Size

When you shop collars and tags from expert manufacturers, you’re getting a whole host of information you may not have considered before. The appropriate weight or size of a tag or collar is crucial information — especially for smaller dogs who could be uncomfortable with the extra weight. These companies can also help you resize your collars for growing puppies and upgrade their tags as they get older. Discover all the benefits of a high-quality dog ID company instead of shopping at a big box retailer.

Your Best Friend

Your dog is probably your best friend, so why would you buy them collars and tags made of substandard materials? Give your pet the love they deserve when you choose high-quality dog IDs!