While parents everywhere want the very best for their kids, it can sometimes be a daunting task trying to figure out which methods and tactics will work best to raise them well.

However, thanks to more and more scientific research in recent years, it's become clear one of the best and easiest things parents can do for their kids is allow them to own a pet.

From keeping them healthy and happy to making them better students, pets everywhere are doing their part to nurture successful children. Here are some awesome reasons why getting a pet for your kid is a great idea.

Kids who own pets tend to perform much better academically. According to research, this is particularly true regarding literacy.

By having a pet who will sit calmly, listen to their every word, and not be judgmental if they make a mistake now and then, kids begin to enjoy reading more and more.

As a result, they also build confidence and self-esteem, which helps them perform well in other subjects.

Along with becoming better students, pets also teach kids the importance of responsibility.

By owning a pet that needs to be fed, groomed, played with, and cleaned up after on a daily basis, kids begin to see the importance of maintaining a regular schedule.

Having a pet that relies on them for all aspects of their well-being will help children realize the impact their actions can have not only on their pets, but also people, thus learning empathy as well.

Your child's pet may also help your child realize how much they relish the idea of being an entrepreneur.

When children own pets, they start doing activities like dog walking or helping care for pets owned by neighbors or friends. Before long, they come to see they can make some extra money doing these and other tasks, and thus a young entrepreneur is born.

And that’s not all. Check out this infographic below by Emily Parker from Catological to find out all 9 reasons why pets help raise great kids!

Raising kids with a dog infographic