We all love a bit of Royal gossip; magazines hit the stands with the latest shock stories from the Palace, whilst news reports the world over keep us updated with what mischief Prince Harry has been up to next. 

There has been quite an ongoing Royal scandal concerning Harry’s American-born bride Meghan Markle and her dogs. The Duchess of Sussex has for some time seemed to appear with new animals; and until the latest piece of Royal gossip comes out, we can only speculate just which pet Meghan will choose next.

With a large amount of disposable income, Meghan will have no issue bringing a furry new addition into the family home she shares with Prince Harry and their son Archie. A clear animal lover, it makes sense that Meghan would want her young son to grow up exposed to different animals, as well as the pooches already in their brood. 

So, just which animal would Meghan prefer for a pet? We speculate further below and present the top five fur-babies she might surprise us with next.    

Classic Corgi

A corgi in snow

Favored by Queen Elizabeth who is often seen walking her fleet of royal corgis, it’s possible Meghan would choose these wide-eyed pups as a first pet choice. With already a canine family in Buckingham Palace, a corgi would fit right into any regal affairs and family portraits. She could also use a corgi addition to bond with her Royal Granny-in-Law.

American Bulldog

An American bulldog

Meghan may just very well choose a pooch from her native-born America, and what better dog to feel that true US spirit with than an American Bulldog. This breed tends to be protective towards children and women, which may lend itself further to the fact Meghan has told the media in the past to not approach her when she is with her dog. 

Often misconstrued as an aggressive dog, the American Bulldog is a fantastic family pet who should be socialized from a young age. That shouldn’t be a problem with her Royal staff and family always around!

Humble horse

A white horse

When many of us think of the Royals, we picture Kings and Queens riding horses through the open fields. Horse riding has been a long-standing sport of the Royal Family, and Meghan may want to give a nod to her ancestral roots and bring an equine friend into the family. Surely the Palace still has stables; how can one be expected to be grand without an onsite stable?

King Charles Cavalier Spaniel

A King Charles Cavalier in a bike basket

Named after King Charles II due to the fact that both he and the dogs shared a similar hairstyle, Spaniels have long led lives of luxury with the Royals throughout history. These doe-eyed dogs melt every heart with their lush fur and droopy ears, whilst being small enough to be carried around if necessary. Meghan could definitely bring spaniels back into fashion if she were to choose this variety of pooch.

Understanding the commitment of pet ownership

A cockapoo on a bed

Meghan clearly takes her pet ownership seriously, which is an important habit every pet owner should undertake. Bringing any animal into the family home should be a decision that is considered carefully to ensure that your new bundle of joy becomes a permanent fixture of the family, and not just until the novelty of it wears off. 

A pet can cost a lot of money, and if times get tough in the future; you need to ask yourself now if you’ll be able to pay for any unexpected vet bills that might pop up. Owning a dog, in particular, can cost upwards of $46,000 during its lifetime, which may feel like a hefty sum, but when you compare it to the love and loyalty you’ll receive from your pet, it is priceless.

It is the responsibility of pet owners to ensure that the best is always provided for their pets during the time they have together. Not all of us have a Royal fleet of vets, pet sitters and dog walkers at the ready, so the full responsibility lays on us to make sure our furry friends are happy, healthy and around for a long time.

Meghan might not be walking a sheep along with with her dogs the next time she takes them walking, but it’s fun to think about just what amazing and exotic pets you yourself would buy if you had the royal means!