A dog is every person's best friend and we all love the company of our little furry friends. Still, not everyone can have a dog and dedicate enough care and time to it. As a college student, you might want to think before you adopt or get a dog. You have to be sure you'll be able to give it the loving and caring environment it deserves.

To make sure you're doing the right thing by getting a dog, you should think about different breeds. Some breeds will find it easier to fit into your student lifestyle and be happy while sharing a life with you. If you're not sure which breeds are the best for college students, just keep reading.

Here are the dog breeds that get along with the student lifestyle best.

Dachshund aka Sausage Dog 

If you’re looking for a dog that’s small, cuddly, and full of devotion, doxies are the perfect breed.

Small but with a whole lot of personality, dachshunds are one of the best breeds to have as a student. 

There are tons of characteristics that make doxies a great company of a student:

  • they have no problem with spending time indoors
  • they are easy to maintain
  • they are miniature so you can take them with you wherever you go
  • they’ll cuddle up in your lap and let you read and study for as long as you want
  • they’re smart to learn anything and you can train them easily

These little creatures will melt your heart and win you over within seconds. You should consider this breed for your company while studying.


Another small and cuddly breed that will fill your days with love and devotion is the pug. Pugs are super funny-looking dogs, with kind eyes and chubby bodies.

What makes a pug the perfect dog for a student is the following:

  • they sleep a lot
  • they don’t bark a lot
  • they don’t need super-long walks and lengthy exercises
  • they love to cuddle

These little ones are great if you have roommates or you live in an apartment building. They’re low maintenance but will give you tons of love. 

English Bulldog

The English bulldog is a loving, caring, and gentle breed that is perfect for students to have as a best friend. This short but strong breed is all you’re looking for in a dog, and more.

Their main characteristics are what makes them so loveable and close to our hearts:

  • they’re great watchdogs
  • they seek human attention and affection constantly
  • they don’t need excessive exercises
  • they’re fine with living in an apartment

This little couch potato of a breed is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. Consider them as your pet and your student and adult days will be much more fun and enjoyable. They might even help you live longer

West Highland White Terrier aka Westie

Westies are small powerhouses that will find it easy to adapt to your student lifestyle and make it a whole lot of fun. They're white, fluffy, and compact but their personality is what makes them such a great pet for a student.

Westies are known for their intelligence and great social skills:

  • you can train them with easy
  • they get along with other pets and people
  • they’re great watchdogs

They do love to bark at anything that moves, but you’ll get used to it quickly. They’re also quite affectionate and persistent, so you’ll have to show them the love they need.

Still, they’re loyal and devoted to you and will bring that special something to your monotonous days. 


Although poodles are wrongly considered to be a fancy race that is super-high maintenance, it’s actually not quite true. These little athletic creatures are a great choice for students, especially if you’ve never owned a dog.

Here’s what makes them so great:

  • they’re always ready to be on the move
  • they love adventure
  • they have the stamina and endurance for road trips or weekend getaways

“What might come as a bit of a downside for some students is that poodles require grooming. But, it’s not that big of a deal, especially once you find an affordable grooming salon that you trust” says Marissa Pearson from Be Graded.

Poodles are full of energy so they’ll come as a great reason for you to be active too. It’s perfect for those students who become lazy quickly.

With a poodle around, you’ll always be on the move.

French Bulldog

Another breed that might just be the perfect choice for a student is the lovely and chubby French bulldog. These middle-sized dogs are fun to be around and are great companions.

What makes French bulldogs so great is their low-key presence and funny personalities. Here’s what their owners love about them:

  • they’re very affectionate and loving
  • they get along with other dogs and people
  • they love to sleep for hours
  • they’ll eat just about anything

The only thing that might be an issue with owning a French bulldog is that they snore and they’re sensitive and might have health issues more than other breeds. 

Still, it doesn’t have to be the case with your Frenchie so don’t be afraid to go with this breed. Also, you can find other ways to save money on taking care of your dog. 

Any Shelter Dog

Finally, we mustn't forget the dogs who are in most need of human attention, care, and love. Most shelter dogs will be great for student owners and here's why:

  • they’ll appreciate you giving them a home
  • they’ll stay loyal
  • they’ll give you more than you can expect

So, think about all the unfortunate fogs who still don’t have a home and think about adopting. Once you go to the shelter, you’ll find the dog that’s your perfect match.

In case you have a positive experience with adopting a shelter dog, you can consider writing about it to inspire other people to do the same. In case you need help with writing, check out Top Essay Writing or Classy Essay.

Final Thoughts

Owning a dog as a student is one of the best ideas that have popped your mind. You'll see there's nothing more special than the bond between the dog and their owner, so don't hesitate in getting a dog.

The list above will help you make the best choice for your student lifestyle. Choose the dog you feel you’ll get along with best, and your adventure can begin.