While many people are fans of particular breeds of dogs, some of the most adorable dogs in existence are actually mixes of two or more breeds, Case in point, right now Disney is getting ready to release a Lady and the Tramp movie which will star an adorable mixed breed who was rescued from a pound in Arizona. Nothing could be cuter than this little dog who looks to have some schnauzer and definitely terrier in his history. Mixed-breed dogs are usually hardier than purebred dogs too. Having all of those extra genes to choose from gives them a better chance of not inheriting genetic flaws and conditions such as allergies.

Big Mixed Breeds

While they grow into large dogs that are usually working breeds, some of them are the most adorable puppies that you’d ever lay your eyes upon. The Caucasian Shepherd/Husky mix is one of these types of puppies. He is all fur and essentially round as a puppy. You’ll think that you’re looking at a ball of fur that could go rolling away at any moment. It’s important to remember though, they will grow-up into a very large dog, with enormous feet who will sometimes be in your way.

The Caucasion Shepherd is a dog that was bred to protect and he’ll guard his humans and his livestock with his life, even taking on a bear. This is not a dog that should be allowed to get out of control and not for the first time dog owner. In fact, the Husky can also pose some challenges in training and attitude. They are full of mischief at times, highly intelligent and they like to solve puzzles. This means that keeping them locked inside of anything is very difficult. The Husky is an escape artist, known as the Houdini of the dog world, he’ll open gates, help himself to the food pantry and all sorts of other antics. All in good fun, of course!

Small to Medium Mixed Breeds

These dogs stay smaller for life and this keeps them puppy-like in appearance for all of their lives. Some of the most adorable mixed breeds are anything mixed with a poodle. You’ve surely heard of chi-poos, cockapoos, and schnoodles (schnauzer poodle mixes), but there are also mixed breeds that come from a small parent and one larger parent. Many of these babies were concieved through artificial insemination (AI) because the pairing between the two parents would have been difficult and possibly even dangerous.

Anything mixed with a poodle is a hot designer breed right now. So adorable and covered in curls as a tiny puppy, but they’ll require constant trimming to keep those curls under control, so be prepared. They can tangle easily too, if you don’t brush them daily.

Another adorable fur-ball mix that has a constant smile on his face that wins the hearts of everyone he meets is the Pomsky. This small to medium sized dog is typically under 22 inches at the withers and is the result of Siberian Husky and Pomeranian pairing. Typically, these guys are brought to you via artificial insemination. The reason being that the Husky female has to be the dog to carry the pups, in case they’re too large. It would be dangerous for the Pom female to carry them full term.

That means that a male Pomeranian would have a heck of time being bred to the full-size Husky who would tower over him. While some females in estrus will lay down and be as accommodating as possible, most breeders will opt for the sure bet of artificially inseminating the female. It prevents injuries as well.

From the day he’s born, the Pomsky is a star and knows it. They make wonderful family pets, being very good-natured and friendly. They’ll require a ton of brushing and care to keep that furry coat in good condition, but the fur is what makes them so very adorable.

There are other types of mixes, certainly as many as you can dream up. It is doubtful that there are any mixes that have never happened in some way, shape or form. Most mixed breed dogs in shelters can trace their roots back to multiple pure breed’s genetics. They make great dogs for this very reason.

Some of the most famous dogs in Hollywood have been mutts that were mixed-breed beauties that we fell in love with. Benji is a great example, having been rescued from a local pound. Perhaps the newest Tramp will be as popular as Benji was in the 1970s?