The year 2020 has put everything on halt and made every aspect of traveling, local commuting, and vacationing challenging. Much of it is because of the lockdown restrictions imposed by central and state authorities of most of the countries, which, in turn, have affected air and ground travel. But, have you thought about planning a vacation after every situation has normalized? If you haven’t yet, it might be the right time to strike a note or two. Furthermore, if you travel with your pets, you might have to consider more prospects to travel freely and without any hassles.

In such a case, picking a pet-friendly destination is essential for you and your pet. With updated lockdown and pandemic regulations, it has become difficult to travel with pets as some hotels, homestays, and carriers do not allow pets to stay. As a result, it is essential that you pre-plan while traveling with your pets. This will make it easier for you to opt for the right accommodations beforehand and give you an edge before you set foot on the destination country. So, pick the right sport, pre-plan excursions, and make bookings before you plan to head out. Given below is a rundown of some of the destinations you can visit post-lockdown with your canine friends. 

Oregon Wine Country

Are you thinking about planning a trip to the United States’ wine state? Oregano is home to about five hundred wineries within a radius of 150 miles. Furthermore, the Willamette Valley is not only an ideal destination for wine lovers but also pets. If you have already heard about the Pacific Northwest and its wine country, you will know what you have got into. Places like the Allison Inn provide a paw-perfect stay for you and your pets. 

Another challenge that you might come across is the availability of pet-friendly services at such accommodations. Fret not, as this Inn and several others in Oregon Wine Country have pet-friendly kennels and many more activities. Get the best dog crates for your pooch before you set out, to make the journey comfortable. 


If you are worried about traveling to one of the European destinations, it has to be Spain. Before the lockdown situation came into existence, not only was it more comfortable to commute, but there were no restrictions on travel. However, in these unprecedented times, you need to prepare adequately for your journey. If you are planning to take your canine companions with you, opting for a pet-friendly country becomes more of a responsibility. 

In such a case, Spain happens to be a warm and pet-friendly destination. Since it is warm during these times of the year, keep an adequate amount of water for you and your pet. On the other hand, Spain is no less than pet-bliss. That’s because most of the villas and carriers here welcome pets with open arms. Many cafes, restaurants, beachsides, and pools allow pet intervention and love to cater to them. Moreover, to add to your pooch’s convenience, Spain has dog-dedicated toilet and exercise facilities.


Are you looking forward to a nature-centric excursion? If that is the case, then Austria’s rugged terrain will be an ideal option for your canine companion to experience some vigorous exercise. It is essential to know that glistening landscapes of Austria provide some of the pristine locations in the world. Moreover, if you and your pooch want to get some pictures clicked for social media platforms, Austria has some of the best locations for you. 

A lake in Austria

Just like Switzerland, Austria allows pets to board public transport too. Furthermore, the government of this country has made it easier for people to travel with pets. Restaurants and cafes seem to follow the same pet-friendly traditions, making it easier for people to travel with their pets.

The United Kingdom

It is never easy to travel overseas with your pet, considering the current scenario. But, in recent days, the quarantine and traveling regulations have changed significantly. The government is resuming most of the commercial services in the United Kingdom, which serves as a considerable opportunity for you to travel and explore. It might not be the same as we have entered the new normal, but after quite a while, this will act as a luxury. However, if you are planning to take your pup, the UK can be an ideal destination.


You can go around with your cat, dog, or ferret to Scotland, England, Ireland, Wales, and any other country that is a part of the European Union. The United Kingdom is no less than a paradise for dog owners and hikers. If you happen to come across some destinations within the UK region, don’t miss out on Cornwall as it is one of the most popular places amid dog owners. Moreover, the tourist office has even made pet guides available due to the rising popularity.


While the UK and the US have long journeys, Italy has a beach where you can do Yoga; Holland acts as an ideal place to go on long strolls and to cycle with your four-legged companions. If you are a fan of cycling, the Dutch countryside’s tulip-lined cycle paths will allure your senses. Furthermore, small towns and mills like Utrecht happen to be another place where you and your canine friend can be at ease. 

However, be careful with your pets while you are in Amsterdam, as in some places, the ongoing traffic can hinder your travel routine. Another notable fact about traveling in the Netherlands with your pet is that the Dutch capital does not charge any additional transportation fees for the pets to step on public transport like boats and buses. 

The Azores

Another destination on the list that can make any hiker or a nature lover’s heart beat is the Azores. This Portuguese archipelago is located amid the Atlantic Ocean and acts as an ideal location for your canine friends. Since you might want to know more about this pristine location, another notable aspect behind shortlisting this is that it has numerous kinds of hiking trails that will keep you and your pets busy. 

The Azores

Moreover, the Azores are wild and abound with several panoramic sights where you can click beautiful pictures with your pet and share instantly on social media platforms. At Sao Miguel, near Europe’s only tea farm, you can enjoy a scenic walk, whereas, on the island of Terceira, you can embark on an elongated journey with your dog. Nearly every turn of the island has a pool where you and your pet can unwind and have fun. And, if your pet loves swimming, what’s better than that.

The United States

The Americans are pet-friendly and love the essence of owning a pet, especially dogs. Even if this destination takes the last spot on the list, it is one of the best countries to visit with your pet. Since the biggest concern for any owner is the pet acceptance at commercial establishments, nearly every commercial property in the United States has the provision to accommodate dogs and other pets. Moreover, there are several canine parks and fields where you can walk, hike, and indulge in rigorous activities with your pet.

Many parks and beaches, followed by the National ones, allow your canine pals without any problems. If you are traveling with your pet, check the NPS’s website (National Park Service) to download an interactive map for your pet. And, if you are going to visit the Grand Canyons with your dog, then fret not. You actually can. When you are on American soil, your pets are bound to enjoy every bit of their stay.

Final thoughts

Amid this chaotic situation where the travel industry has taken an enormous hit, the current situation is beginning to ease down. This, however, has opened up the gates for tourists and travelers to plan their next incursion with pets, but with the utmost care. When you plan a trip post-lockdown, there are several aspects you need to keep under check, such as pet regulations, containment zones, restricted areas, travel permits, and lastly, if the country is safe for you to travel with pets. So, before you plan anything, do your research and check your destination’s government websites to get regular feed and updates.