Safe Plants for Pets – Comprehensive Gardening Guide

When taking care of both pets and greenery, one should note the possible incompatibility between them. Some plants for pets are dangerous for their health. However, it’s not a problem because there are plenty of flowers that are good for pets. It’s not difficult to find out the appropriate greenery at your local stores or simply make an order on the Internet. Also, a good option is installing artificial grass in your garden. To facilitate your hunt, read the list of some nice flora for pets.

10 Eye-Catching Plants that Are Good for Your Dogs

  1. The smoke tree is one of the dog friendly plants for yard and it’s great for creating a shrub border. This is one of the greatest plants for pets and it’s very convenient because it adapts well to a wide range of soils.  Besides, it is able to withstand wetness. Note that it needs full sun to blossom.
  2. Roses do not require much instruction. Those plants for pets will make any garden look luxurious and, fortunately, they’re completely safe for puppies.
  3. Sunflowers are also non-toxic plants for pets. Besides, their seeds are high in vitamin E and selenium.

A dog running through a garden

  1. Spiraea blooms in spring or in summer and it demonstrates the incredible adaptation to soil and climate.
  2. Forsythia is a shrub for spring color that is also among safe plants for pets. It features fabulous flowers and it’s a good garden border and bird habitat.
  3. Hibiscus is one of the best dog-friendly plants for the garden and one of the most useful flowers for people. It helps avoid hypertension and prevent lower blood pressure, as well as reduce blood sugar levels.
  4. Lilac is simply charming. They boast an impressive color gamut and sizes that make them universal decoration for every garden.
  5. Aster cannot be overlooked if you’re looking for the safe plants for pets. They make your yard sparkle and shine with plenty of colors in the fall.
  6. Daylilies fit any climatic zone and have a great ornamental value.
  7. Red-Twig Dogwood features wonderful blossom. Besides, it’s friendly not only for pets but it also helps prevent erosion and enhance wildlife.

A dog in the grass with a person

If you’re looking for the plants that repel fleas safe for pets, pay attention to such herbs as Lemon balm. It looks similar to other greenery from the mint family but owns a strong lemony aroma. Marigolds, catnip, and lavender are also safe plants for pets and can repel both mosquitoes and fleas.

Top Indoor Safe Plants for Pets

When dealing with our rooms, we should also think of flowers and greenery that isn’t able to hurt our curious and naughty pets if they want to eat them or to play with them. You can choose such indoor plants safe for pets as the bird's nest fern if having low-light space or pick Calathea rattlesnake, spider plant, and Parlor palm. In case of growing the latter, note that it can reach 6-feet height.

If you have already grown the toxic plants for pets, try to put them on the top rack of furniture to make them beyond the reach of dogs. Keep in mind that it’s relevant for dogs only because shelves and high wardrobes are not obstacles for cats.

Remember that harmful flora may cause contact dermatitis, weakness, allergic reactions, collapse, and plenty of other dangerous symptoms and diseases. 

However, if you’re not going to bother yourself with taking care of plants for pets, you can use the best artificial grass to make your backyard neat and nice and to let your dog run and jump there as much as it wants.

Which plants for pets do you prefer to grow in your backyard?