Of course, it’s not just dogs who get separation anxiety while their owners are away at work. It’s common for owners to count the hours until they can reunite with their furry family members. However, knowing that your dog will be reasonably comfortable while you are away can make your tiem apart a little easier to handle. Here are some tips for managing care for your dog while also working.

Outsource Some of Your Workload

Having too much to do can make your workday kind of unpredictable or put you in the position of having to work long hours. Some strategic outsourcing can help you prioritize the most important things on your agenda. A help desk solution and assistance with human resource matters may make everything else that you have to get done more doable.

Consider Doggy Daycare

Dogs that are very social and get along well with most people and other dogs may benefit from attending a doggy daycare program. Apart from giving your dog the essential things that he or she needs such as food and walks, a daycare program can be a fun place for dogs to make friends. Getting attention from daycare attendants and also getting the chance to interact with fellow attendees may be wonderful for dogs who are happiest when they are actively getting attention.

Reconsider Cages

Traditionally, keeping dogs in cages has been referred to as “crating.” It was thought to be helpful for dogs who suffered from extreme separation anxiety. By confining dogs, it conditions them to sleep while their owners are away at work. However, many dogs are understandably anxious about confinement, and they will be a lot more upset about their owner’s absence when it also means that they cannot move.

Being unable to move can be physically and psychologically harmful to dogs. If you do not want your dog to have the run of the house while you work, consider limiting his or her access to specific areas of the house with a barrier or gate rather than putting your dog in a cage.

Arrange for Dog Walking

Training pads are a good way to give dogs the opportunity to relieve themselves during the workday. It is especially useful for small dogs who cannot hold their bladders very long, dogs with chronic kidney problems, and puppies who are still working on housebreaking. If your dog will not use training pads consistently, having a professional dog walker take your dog out during the day may be the best option.

Reach out to a reliable and well-reviewed dog walker who you can establish a long-term arrangement with. A lot of popular services have entire teams of walkers in your area so you can rest assured that someone will always be available when your dog needs assistance to go out.

Get a Fresh Water Solution

Adequate hydration is fundamental to your dog’s well-being. While your dog won’t be at immediate risk of physical harm if you cannot change his or her water over the course of eight to ten hours, it may not be ideal for your dog’s health.

Dogs typically prefer to drink fresh and cold water. If you are able to provide your dog with fresh water while you are busy at work, it may encourage your dog to drink more throughout the day. Having access to fresh water may help to relieve some of your dog’s anxiety about when you will return.

A pet fountain may be a good way to keep your dog’s water fresh and oxygenated. Also, dogs may be attracted to the sound of running water. In addition, a bowl that keeps water cool may help to pique his or her interest in drinking.

Ultimately, smart planning can help you take outstanding care of your fur baby when you can’t be there because of work. You can take comfort in knowing that your dog has what he or she needs, and your dog will appreciate all of your efforts.