Did you know that the number of dogs owned worldwide as home pets equals 471 million? This is according to the latest statistics. Americans across different age groups consider their pets a significant part of their lives.

It’s said that pets such as dogs are a significant part of the family. This is because they tend to offer companionship, comfort, and entertainment. 

Undoubtedly, keeping a dog as part of your family can be exciting. This is especially the case if you’re a first-time parent of a canine. However, before bringing your new family member home, you must prepare your space. 

For example, you must ensure you know how to dog-proof your residence. Get rid of potentially-harmful things like medications, chemicals, and electrical cords from places your dog could easily access. 

You also need to acquire every necessary supply to make the pet’s life smooth. Such items include food, treats, beds, bowls, toys, identification tags, and grooming and cleaning supplies.

It’s even more important to prepare mentally. You should take the time to learn the essential elements of caring for the dog. One crucial aspect that most dog owners struggle with is maintaining clean surroundings with the pet around. No matter how much you cherish your dog, tidying up after your pup can be a major headache.

However, life will get easier or tougher with the pet around, depending on whether or not you have the proper knowledge. By this, we mean:

  • The correct understanding for cleaning the dog’s messes appropriately and maintaining a clean home.
  • The proper knowledge to keep a clean dog. 

Remember that; most canines cannot tidy up after themselves. Those who do are perhaps the ones that have been trained. So, you need to do this on their behalf. It helps to know why it’s essential to clean up after your dog as a pet owner.

Our article below reveals the most essential cleaning tips every dog owner should know.

Maintain a Clean Home to Keep Off Flea Infestation

One of the worst nightmares you may dread as a dog owner is a flea infestation in your house. These pests are some of the most irritating things to deal with. They’re usually tiny and jumpy, and they multiply faster. 

Your dog can pick up fleas from outside or around other animals. And, you can spot fleas in places like your shoes, clothes, or anywhere around the house where the dog can access.

A common indicator that your dog may have fleas is too much itching and scratching. You may even spot the tiny acrobats jumping up and down. The fleas are around 2-4 millimeters long, thus visible to the naked eyes.

Unfortunately, if your pup has fleas, your house and yard will be a breeding ground. The only remedy to prevent the spread is to take quick action. You can avoid the problem using dog-friendly topical medications and a combination of cleaning methods. House pressure washings can work best. Do not forget to also consider a leave-no-trace approach in your kitchen areas.

Let’s look at some of the appropriate actions to keep off fleas in more detail below:

Seek House Pressure Washing Services

Occasionally, it helps to find professionals who use more environmentally-friendly cleaners to clean your home thoroughly and get rid of any possible flea. Such trusted experts dealing with pressure washing houses will do the job without harming your pet or damaging your property.

Pressure washing is highly beneficial. Once you find reliable house pressure washing services, you can benefit significantly. The professionals clean complex areas of the house far better. They go farther and more profound than you could when using a sponge or brush. So, the reliable pressure washing company gets to clean the hard-to-reach areas.

For example, you’ll enjoy thorough services like house pressure washing and window cleaning, light fixtures cleaning, and other deeper areas. It’s more efficient and faster for higher-up light fixtures without the risk of falling. This is because the pressure washing company uses the proper techniques.

The professionals also offer other pressure washing services to the outside areas of your home, for example, roof pressure washing.

Clean Your Dog’s Bedding Regularly

Ensure you do this at least once a week. Clean the bedding in water at a minimum of 140 degrees for at least 10 minutes. Bleaching the bedding also helps destroy the flea eggs and other developing larvae. Afterward, dry the bedding thoroughly at the maximum heat setting.

Learn to Inspect and Clean Your Pet Often

Using a fine-tooth comb, inspect your pets’ coats keenly. Look closer for fleas in their different forms: eggs, larvae, and adults. Ensure you have a bowl of hot soapy water close by to throw in any flea you may spot.

Consider Using an Insect Growth Regulator

This will help cut off the life cycle of fleas in your home surroundings.

Avoid Letting Germs into Your House

Dogs usually need some daily walks. This may result in dust, mud, twigs, or any other form of dirt possible. It’s difficult to clean dirt from your wooden floors’ cracks. Therefore, it helps to take precautions and ensure you clean your dogs’ paws as soon as they are back home from the walk. 

Dogs enjoy walking because they know by instinct that it’s good for them. Walking your canines enables them to stay healthy. It also offers the dog a chance to explore. And most importantly, it boosts the level of bonding between you and your dog. It’s no surprise having a walk with your dog can make you happier.

So, once you finish strolling with your canine friend, clean their paws before letting them into the house. Pet dogs enjoy claiming the comfiest spots on your couch or carpet. Thus, you’ll save yourself the hassle of cleaning traces of dirt on your sofas and carpets. Remember, some dirt stains might be hard to remove.

To make your work easier, ensure you put a small water-filled container and a piece of clothing by your entrance to wipe the dog’s feet. It also helps to place silicone pads close by the entrance. It would be even more beneficial to train your dog to remain still until you clean its paws.

Besides, your dog may get mucky in cases of long walks. Ensure you give the pet a gentle wash to ensure they are clean and comfortable. This will help eliminate dirt and dampness. 

So, how do you clean the pet?

Take damp clothing and wipe the dog’s legs, feet, and stomach. When it’s a cold season, ensure you give your canine a warm water bath. Avoid over-washing the pet with shampoo. This can irritate their coating.

Instead, ensure you gently brush your dog’s coat regularly. This will help maintain your dog’s coating healthier. The gentle brushing will also make the pet feel at ease being handled. Brushing will help collect the excess dog hair before it accumulates on your carpet.

Other Important Cleaning Tips

  • Keep a stain remover close by
  • Have a clean-up kit ready
  • Pooch-proof your furniture
  • Use enzymes to get rid of dog stains and odors
  • Use a neat pet food dispenser
  • For a calm and easier bath time, make the shower your dog washing station

Key Takeaways

Taking the responsibility of owning a dog can be challenging. This is especially the case if you consider all the dirt the pets tend to leave behind. You may also dread animal footprints on your couch and hair and kibble (dry dog food) everywhere. Indeed, dog owners understand the hassle of maintaining a clean house.

Some people may say that it’s more important to love your dog than be stressed over the dirt that the pet may carry around. But, you need to note that you can be happier when you maintain a clean dog. 

Fortunately, we have given you the essential tips above. With the knowledge gained from this article, your vibe will change. And, you should start enjoying the moments with your dog pet more.