What role do pets play in our health and mood? New research suggests that they make people happier. Therefore, in today's world, a dog in the office is useful. Scientists have proven that this has a positive effect on the working atmosphere and health of workers. The tradition of taking pets to work and thus making dog-friendly offices brings them closer to the best animal treatment practices in the civilized world.

 Pets In The Office

The dog in the office changes the attitude to the four-legged, translates it into the rank of "companion" and helps maintain mental health. The ability to come to the office with a pet, many companies single out as one of the benefits of work. 

Here are 5 steps to determine if your company is ready to accept pets in the office:

  1. Check whether the office building and the specifics of production allow dogs to be allowed at all.
  2. Make sure that the intensity of work, corporate dress code rules, and the ability to be alone for important negotiations or to perform an extremely responsible task that requires maximum concentration allow you to have tailed friends at work.
  3. Find out how other colleagues will react to the implementation initiative.
  4. Before letting your dog into the office, make sure the animal is healthy and non-aggressive.
  5. Create a personal restroom for four-legged friends with a place for relaxing, getting a snack, and having some fun with toys.

Scientists also prove that the presence of a dog in the office helps to build friendly relationships between colleagues and most importantly - better concentration of employees to perform their tasks. Dogs painfully endure the situation when they stay at home alone. Every landlord knows how difficult it is to close the door in the morning when you go to work and a pair of sad eyes look at you. Instead, everyone who goes to work with a four-legged friend knows how much fun it is.

So, how do dogs affect employee performance?

  • Workers who brought their dogs to work had significantly lower levels of stress during the working day. Moreover, dogs had a positive effect on the performance not only of their owners but also of their colleagues.
  • The dogs conducted a team-building: colleagues who, working in the same office, usually did not talk to each other, suddenly began to communicate and feel part of the team. Pets became a natural occasion for conversation, and employees began to interact more actively with each other.
  • Dogs contributed to the integration of workers of different ages. In particular, with the generation of millennials.
  • A positive attitude towards animals in offices has made pets part of the corporate culture and attracted the best employees to the business.
  • The advantage of having four-legged fur coats in the offices is a reduction in the number of absences and greater dedication due to the lack of worry about pets. You may also find relevant information at paper writing service reviews. Simply stroking the dog for a few minutes helps the worker release serotonin and dopamine.
  • Moreover, every time their pets walk during working hours, employees get a dose of relaxation and inspiration, breaking away from routine activities. This has a positive effect on creativity and productivity.
  • This will definitely help solve the problem of homeless four-legged animals because the number of those who dream of a tailed friend but do not have the opportunity to care for him due to the intensive work schedule in the world and in Ukraine is quite high.

In addition to allowing pets to work, some companies provide special beds and feeders for them, as well as pay for the time that owners dedicate to their pets during the working day, as follows:

A woman lying on a bed with a beagle and a laptop

Want to Hire A Dog? 

For many dogs, returning to the old, "pre-quarantine" lifestyle can be stressful: over the past six months, they have had to change it several times. So, whether to hire a dog? Only those who have previously been accustomed to a large team and change of environment. And only if the owner is able to organize space for the dog, the order of walking, and protect the dog from the constant attention of employees. If you want to take your dog with you to the office, it should be done gradually, in doses. Take into account all the needs of the dog, make sure that there is no overfeeding. This will upset the balance of nutrition. You also need to have time to see the stress of your pet and be able to leave the office on time, interrupting the working day.