If you have a service dog, you know there is an extra planning element that goes into choosing a vacation destination. From considering your pet's needs, recreation opportunities, and finding dog-friendly accommodations and restaurants, you need to ensure your pet is just as comfortable on your trip as you are. Even though there are plenty of places to visit with your service dog and many vacations to try, some of the best options can be found below.

The Criteria Used for Selecting the Best Vacation Destinations with a Service Dog

Regardless of if you want to visit a nearby city or embark on a Bahamas cruise, there are a few things to consider to find the right vacation destination. For example, you need to consider recreation options for your pet, if there are accommodations for them, and other factors that will ensure you and your pet can stay together and remain comfortable. With this information in mind, consider some of the most pet-friendly destinations listed below.

Scottsdale, Arizona

Did you know that in Scottsdale, there are more than 300 days of sunshine every year? Also, this is a family-friendly location, even for your four-legged family members. You will find countless dog-friendly hotels, nine trails, six dog parks, several highly rated emergency vets, and over 117 restaurants where your dog will be welcome. Because it can get quite warm in Scottsdale, it is best to visit between September and April.

Charleston, South Carolina

While Charleston doesn't have quite as many days of sunshine as Scottsdale, ranking in at 209 isn't too bad. This is a popular destination for all types of family vacations and weddings, thanks to its amazing southern charm. Also, thanks to all the pet-friendly hotels and outdoor activities in this city, you and your service dog will be happy and content during your visit.

Jacksonville, Florida

If the Florida sunshine is calling your name, then consider a visit to Jacksonville. Here you will find over 150 dog-friendly restaurants and nine dog parks where your furry friend can have a bit of downtime and fun.

Chicago, Illinois

Are you interested in planning a vacation this summer? If so, then Chicago is a great destination to consider. This is considered a very walkable city and one that is very welcoming to dogs of all types and sizes. You can plan your trip, so it lines up with Dog Day, planned by the Chicago White Sox, or you can plan an outing to the Montrose Dog Beach. During your explorations of Chicago, you will also find dozens of pet-friendly hotels right in the downtown area, in the heart of the fun.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

When it comes to outdoor activities, Nantucket is considered one of the top options available. Your dog is going to love the countless dog-friendly trails and beaches in the area. While this is true, it is important to note that since this is a smaller community, there are not as many dog parks or local vets in some bigger cities. However, if you are searching for a laid back and relaxing location to take your service dog, then you can't go wrong with this city.

Seattle, Washington

While Seattle is not in the running when it comes to the most days of sunshine, it does come in at the top of the list when you are looking into walkability (which is something most dogs love!). This is also a great destination if you live in a sunny area and are seeking something new with your vacation. An interesting fact about Seattle is that here, there are more dogs than children, which means your pup will meet plenty of new friends. Also, dogs are allowed on the city buses, ferries, seaplanes, and light rail. Even better, there are countless dog-friendly businesses, hotels, and restaurants, which means you and your service dog will find plenty of places to go and things to do during your visit.

Getting Out and About with Your Service Dog

If you are ready to explore the world with your service dog, then one of the vacation destinations mentioned above may be just what you are searching for. Each of the locations mentioned above offers several dog-friendly options, and you will find that you and your four-legged best-friend have a great time.

Just remember, when you plan to travel with your dog, it is necessary to start planning early. After all, you have to pack and prepare for more than just you. Your dog will have specific travel needs, too.