Taking a dog on holiday with you may not be the first thing that comes to mind when planning your next getaway, but there are many unexpected benefits of having man’s best friend by your side during your travels. Not only can it make vacations more joyful and affordable, but the bonding experience between you and your four-legged companion will last a lifetime.

From exploring nature trails together to discovering new sights in an unfamiliar place – everyone should consider bringing their canine companion along for the ride. If you’re still in two minds about whether or not it’s a good idea, here are three of the incredible advantages to taking your dog on holiday. 

Encourages exploration 

Are you the sort of traveller who could benefit from a little extra motivation to abandon the sun loungers and explore a new city or town beyond the confines of your hotel? Well, when holidaying with a pooch, they will be more than willing to adopt the role of resident tour guide, and encourage you to see a little more of your surroundings than you otherwise might have. 

Even if their human owners forgo their typically exercise regimes on an indulgent escape, dogs will still need their daily fix. Just a short walk every day could take you to a new, undiscovered part of town – you could also be on the lookout for local restaurants and cafes you may want to visit during your stay. Remember, especially if you are visiting warmer climes, make sure you don’t exhaust your pup in the sun and keep them well-hydrated at all times.

They can improve social interactions 

Especially if you’re heading on a solo adventure without human companionship, a dog can help you to feel more comfortable when mixing with new people on your travels. Dogs of any description are an excellent icebreaker, and providing they’re comfortable around strangers, you will likely find it easier to start conversations with a canine companion by your side. As reported in this guide to going on holiday with a dog, 36% of people said having a dog with them reduces feelings of anxiety, which can help to facilitate more meaningful social interactions.

What’s more, you will also find that dogs make for excellent translators by helping to break down language barriers, allowing you to enjoy more comfortable exchanges with locals and visitors alike. 

Holidays can form core memories 

For anyone fortunate enough to have gone on holidays as a child, you will know that this time spent away from home can help to form core memories that last a lifetime. Whether it’s a local staycation or a more grand adventure, any holiday time spent with loved ones helps to strengthen bonds and creates those special moments that only come about during trips away. 

Involving your dog in any travel plans provides a unique opportunity to enhance these family bonds further, and enjoy special experiences all together. Just remember to bring your camera to capture your photogenic friend enjoying their sunny sojourn!