You show your love for your dog in everything that you do to take care of him or her. All of your time and attention mean the world to your dog, and you want to do everything that you possibly can to keep your furry family member healthy and happy. Excellent food, constant fresh water, good oral care, and a well-made harness are four of the most important items that you should get for your dog.

1. Feed Your Dog All-Natural and Delicious Food

Eating is your dog’s passion. Unfortunately, a lot of dogs don’t really get to enjoy eating simply because the quality of their food is substandard. Too many pet food manufacturers make food as inexpensively as possible to maximize profits instead of making food as healthy and tasty as possible to maximize nutrition and taste. They contain all sorts of unappealing artificial flavors, fillers, and low-grade protein. Not only will poor food deprive your dog of one of his or her greatest pleasures, it could have a terrible impact on his or her health. Digestive imbalance and nutritional deficiencies can damage every system in your dog’s body. Give your dog an all-natural dog food that’s formulated by a veterinarian. Ideally, you should choose a produce that’s made of high-quality ingredients that are well-preserved. Dr Marty Pets Nature's Blend is made up of several protein sources such as ranch-raised beef, turkey, and salmon that’s freeze dried to preserve freshness and flavor.

2. Keep Your Dog’s Water Fresh With a Pet Fountain

Having to leave your dog at home while you go off to work shouldn’t mean that your dog has to go all day without fresh water. Your dog doesn’t want to drink flat and stagnant water. Moreover, your dog may be anxious about the uncertainty of knowing when he or she will have access to fresh water again. A pet fountain will keep your dog’s water fresh and oxygenated, encouraging your dog to stay hydrated throughout the day.

3. Get Dental Products for Your Dog

A lot of dog owners tend to overlook the importance of their dogs’ oral care. It’s commonly said that dogs’ mouths are self-cleaning, and it simply wouldn’t occur to many people that they need to play an active role in helping their dogs to maintain good oral health. However, it’s extremely important that you have an oral care routine for your dog. Ideally, you should brush your dog’s teeth with a special brush and a toothpaste that’s safe for dogs (don’t use a toothpaste that’s made for people). Younger dogs will likely be more tolerant about brushing, so it’s good to get your dog in the habit of brushing as early in life as possible. If your dog is older and resistant to brushing, coax your dog to sit still and open wide for a quick brush with some healthy treats and positive affirmation. Dental treats are another great way to keep your dog’s teeth clean, and they can also promote fresh breath.

4. Gear Up With a Great Harness

Most dogs will feel more comfortable in a harness than a leash that goes around their neck. A harness will give you better control when you have to help your dog maneuver around a busy area or if you have to react quickly to pull your dog out of harm’s way. It’s a much more effective alternative to pulling on your dog’s neck, and it’s a lot less likely to cause your dog physical harm. Little dogs in particular can be seriously injured by a quick jerk to the collar, and a harness will help protect them from this unnecessary danger.

Showing your dog the love that he or she deserves doesn’t mean you have to spend a ton of money on stuff that he or she doesn’t really need. Instead, you just give the practical things that will help your dog be comfortable and enjoy his or her favorite things.