Most of us probably spent most of 2020 at home in quarantine. Being home all day can be challenging, but if you have a dog, the situation can be even harder. Not only do you have to look out for yourself, but the well-being of your pet as well. 

You may be concerned about how the isolation has been affecting your dog. There are things you can do to make life at home with your dog more acceptable. Here are five tips to keep your dog healthy during the quarantine. 

Watch out for signs of stress

You may think that being stuck at home all day is good for your dog as there is no separation between the two of you. Yet, your dog may not be coping with the situation well without you realizing it. You need to be a responsible pet owner and be on the lookout for possible stress signs for your dog. 

Sometimes, your dog may not be used to your constant presence at home, making your pet nervous. If your dog starts exhibiting weird behavior like cowering and keeping his tail between his legs, it may mean that your dog is getting anxious. 

According to a psychology essay writer, as the pet owner, you should approach your dog with care and make sure that your dog feels comfortable with the new living situation. 

Walk your dog

Even during quarantine, it is important that you walk your dog and let them out for some exercise. Walking your dog allows him to get some fresh air and not feel too cramped at home. If this is something you did long before quarantine began, it is best to continue this routine. Just make sure to follow proper safety procedures and social distancing. 

Let your dog out for a walk, but do not risk your own and the dog’s safety in the process. Adapt accordingly to the situation and let your dog out during the appropriate time. Exercise for your dog is a great way to keep them healthy as long as you do so in a safe way. 

Your dog’s diet is important

As mentioned on various research and assignment help sites, as you spend most of your time indoors, your diet may have changed. The same can apply to your dog as you need to take care of their diet. If your dog’s outdoor playtime is now limited due to quarantine, it is important to make sure that he is still eating a balanced diet. 

There is a chance that since you are just at home, your dog may want you to give him more treats. Try to resist the temptation to do so as it may cause some unhealthy eating habits with your dog. If you must, substitute your usual snack for healthier snacks like pieces of fruit or vegetables. 

Give your dog a safe and quiet space

Before quarantine started, your dog may have gotten used to a certain schedule and the way things worked. With all of that gone, your dog may be having a hard time coping and adjusting to the new normal. If this happens, give your dog the safe and quiet space he needs. If your dog cannot handle the constant presence of humans at home, give him the space he needs to relax and calm down. 

Martha Bradford, a proud pet owner with three dogs and two cats and a lovely parrot, works for the best essay site as a writer. In her view, you can even fill your pet’s safe space with toys, blankets, mats, snacks, and other items your dog likes being around. Your dog should feel comfortable during this time and not feel overwhelmed. This space should be a place for him to have peace of mind and get some rest. 

Prepare your dog for life post quarantine

As quarantine slowly comes to an end, your dog may be thrust into a whole new world after the life in quarantine. You may be looking forward to things going back to normal, but that does not mean your dog can easily adjust to what happens next. After you start leaving the house regularly, your dog may start experiencing separation anxiety. 

You should train your pet to be ok with being alone without you there. Try leaving your home or separating yourself from your dog for just a few minutes to see how your dog reacts. If you feel that you are about to enter a period where you are more regularly going to leave the house, this is the time to teach your dog how to adapt to you being gone for a longer period of time.


Quarantine has not been easy for most people. If you are having a hard time being at home all day, your dog most likely feels the same way. While your dog is there to comfort you and keep you company, you also have the responsibility to look out for him and take care of his well-being. These five tips should be the key to helping you keep your dog healthy during these times.