You may have seen this video floating around on Facebook. Now all you can think about is finding a puppy under your tree.

When considering adding a family member, there are obvious things to consider.

Do you want to adopt from a local shelter? There are plenty of amazing dogs waiting to give all their love to their human. And if it's a specific breed you want, there is a recognized rescue for nearly every individual breed! Do we want a puppy or an older dog?

Here's one of the most important questions we can help with.

How do you make sure that your new pet’s activity levels match your family’s lifestyle?

As puppies, dogs are more active than ever. They have to grow in new teeth and figure out how vacuum cleaners work and try to get the cat out from beneath the bed. During the first two months of their lives, puppies will typically earn 15-20k BarkPoints per day.

Some breeds go harder than others, though. For instance, Chihuahua puppies earn almost 20k BarkPoints per day in the puppy years.

Poodle puppies, in contrast, earn from 8-10k BarkPoints per day.

Then, there are some breeds whose activity drops off dramatically between the puppy years and adult. If your family decided they’re ready for an independent, mischievous Siberian Husky, they should be prepared for about 16k BarkPoints per day in the puppy years, but only 6k as adults.

Keeping your pet active is important to her health. Adding a family member will benefit your health, too.

Look through our data at FitBark Explore to find the dog you think is best for your family. Happy sniffing!