Although not many people will argue with the idea that a dog is man’s best friend, there is one thing even dog owners themselves can’t always agree on: where a dog should sleep. According to a recent survey by the American Kennel Club, up to 45% of dog owners allow their dogs to sleep with them in their bed. A further 20% of respondents indicated that they crate their dogs at night, while 17% stated that their dogs have their own doggy houses or beds to sleep in. While there are countless wonderful (and rather elaborate) ready-made dog houses on the market, many dog owners prefer devoting their time to a DIY dog house project. Apart from having a creative carte blanche over the design and project execution, you will also enjoy a wonderful sense of accomplishment once your beloved pooch settles into their new house.

You can perform wonders with wood

If you enjoy working with wood and have some talent for it, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to build a beautiful dog house for your canine companion. The internet is flooded with easy-to-follow instructions on how to build anything from a basic dog kennel to a three-story mini doggie palace fit for a royal canine. Before diving into your project, make sure that the structure you have in mind is suitable for your dog. Take both its size and weight into consideration for safety and comfort purposes. Also, ensure that you have the correct materials on-hand before starting a project. Apart from wood, you will also need the correct type of screws to connect the various parts together without fearing that it will fall apart. You may also require additional materials such as nails, wood glue, varnish, paint, paintbrushes, clasps and hinges, and sandpaper.

Put old pieces of furniture to good use

If you would like to craft a special home for your dog but aren’t very skilled when it comes to woodwork, you can always repurpose old pieces of wooden furniture. By making small modifications to dressers, nightstands, and even coffee tables, you can create a beautiful and safe custom-made house for your dog. Depending on the design you opt for, the furniture piece can continue to serve its original purpose, even after the addition of a dog house. Although there are ways to weather-proof these types of dog houses for outside use, they are typically best suited for indoor use. You can paint the wood to match your color scheme, and even make use of the same upholstery used elsewhere in the room.

The possibilities are endless

Once you start searching for DIY dog house ideas, you will soon realize that the possibilities are endless. While both indoor and outdoor basic wooden structures are very popular, there is no reason why you can’t think outside the box. If you want to tackle a larger project, you can convert the area under your staircase into a house for your dogs. You can kit it out in various ways, making it as homely or extravagant as you please. Other creative DIY dog house ideas include making use of a small teepee or tent, adding padding and a fabric cover to a cardboard box, and transforming large plastic storage containers into comfortable and waterproof sleeping spots.

As your best friend, your dog deserves to sleep in a safe and comfortable environment. By building a dog house from scratch, you can ensure that it has all the necessary features to ensure that it helps keep your dog happy and healthy.