Getting a perfect travel partner is not a walk in the park, this is simply because people are different. Your travel buddy may not like some of the things that you want. This leaves you with no other option but to tolerate your each other. At the end of it, you may not enjoy your trip.

To get the best out of the trip, you may opt to travel alone. However, one there is one thing about being a lone traveler that is disturbing you-loneliness. Do you have a dog? Take it along with you.

There are lots of benefits that come with traveling with a dog. Here are seven reasons why travel is better with your dog.

You Won’t Have to Worry About Your Dog

According to scientific research, pet separation anxiety is prevalent among dog owners (1). To be precise, At least 60% of pet owners experience pet anxiety when traveling. You will be killed by the guilt of being separated from your lovely canine for days or even weeks. This is because dogs tend to have a special connection with their owners. Even after you leave the dog behind, you will always be worried about its state. 

To avoid all these stress, travel with it wherever you are going. You don’t want to come back and find a sad, dirty and malnourished dog.

A Dog Won’t Judge You

As we have already mentioned, we are all different. However, accommodating our differences may not be the most straightforward tasks. Your travel partner may always judge you based on the things that you do during the trip. This can force you to be conscious of everything that you do to avoid attracting some hate.

Your dog won’t judge you. You will be free to do what you want without being clouded by the fear of being judged.

Dogs are Adventurous

One of the reasons that can motivate you to travel around the world is to seek new adventures. You need to explore the sights and sounds of the new destination. Dogs are always up for new experiences. They don’t like staying at one place for a long time. This makes them the best travel buddies.

Your dog won’t complain about being tired or bored. All you need is to take it outside the hotel and start exploring the nearby streets. You only need to restrict its movement using a dog leash. Retractable dog leash is the best option for such adventures. It allows the dog to move around freely but at the same time gives you some level of control. Just ensure that the leash is appropriately attached to the dog harness.

The Dog Won’t Jeopardize Your Trip

We always have that friend who is still a thorn in the flesh. They have a bad taste of music, are nagging, among many other weird behaviors. They can make your trip to be a total nightmare. On the contrary, your dog will always remain calm a d flow with the vibe of the trip. It won’t throw tantrums or upset you in any way.

Reliable Companion

Unlike human beings, you can always trust your dog to be by your side no matter what. Whether you are in the hotel room or out strolling in the woods, your dog will always be there to give you company. Apart from getting rid of boredom, it will also make you feel safe.

Dogs Can Help You to Meet New People

Your dog can be the best ice breaker that you will need when traveling. There are lots of dog enthusiasts in all corners of the world. You will have an opportunity to meet and interact with them only if you go with your pooch. Walking your dog in the woods and streets also provides a perfect opportunity to interact with the locals. 

People from all walks of life tend to have a soft spot towards cute pets. They will always stop and spare some seconds to be with the dog. You never know where such interactions can end. You can find your soul mate or even a business partner. You only need to ensure that the dog is social.

You Will Avoid Dog Kennels

While there are situations that can force you to take your cute pooch to the kennels, you should strive to avoid using this option. The new environment can stress up the dog. If you are traveling for many days, it means that the dog will have to endure suffering in the kennel for long. The sudden change of diet can have a negative impact on the dog’s health. The strange smell and noise can make your dog anxious.

Give your dog the peace that it deserves by traveling with it to your destination. 


These seven reasons should motivate you to travel with your dog in all the upcoming trips. Ensure that your destination is dog-friendly; otherwise, you may end up regretting why you traveled with the pooch. You should also remember to carry essential items such as dog harness and retractable dog leash.