Pet parents know just how much love and joy an animal can bring to a person’s life. Our furry and feathery friends can be endlessly adorable, so it makes sense that pet owners will go the extra mile just to decorate their home in a way that reminds them of their love for animals. For all the pet moms and dads out there, here’s a list of charming decor pieces you simply have to get your hands on.

Cute and cozy pet furniture

You put so much time and effort into picking out the perfect furniture for your home, so why not make sure that your furry/feathery companion’s furniture is equally stylish? Pet beds have really evolved over the years, and nowadays, you can find pet furniture that fits every interior design style. From cute teepees and heated pet beds to cushions shaped like donuts and adorably tiny sofas, there’s something for everyone’s taste. You can even find small wooden beds for smaller pets such as hamsters, bunnies, and parrots that are simply too adorable to skip.

Vinyl paw print stickers and cute decals

Canine and feline lovers can all agree that there’s nothing cuter than their pets’ paws – except when they’re muddy and dirty and they mess up the floors you’ve just cleaned a second ago. However, there are places where their tiny paws are more than welcome – in the form of stickers, that is. Vinyl paw print stickers and cute decals are perfect for jazzing up your home, and they can be used on a range of surfaces including walls, furniture, and food storage canisters. Plus, they’re removable, so you can easily switch them up as you please. Now that’s (p)awesome!

Artwork inspired by your favorite animal friend

Stickers and decals can be a quick and easy way to spruce up your walls, but why not take things a step further and decorate with some pet-inspired artwork? Turning your animal friend into a masterpiece on canvas can be as simple as ordering custom pet portraits online and having your pet’s photo customized to your liking. Have your pet strike a pose as a noble aristocrat, an astronaut, a pirate, or something you can make a pun out of such as Hairy Pawter or 2Pawc. All it takes is a little creativity to get a one-of-a-kind pet portrait that will crack your guests up. Plus, your pet will think they’re kind of a big deal.

A mini stuffed animal replica of your pet

You already adore your pet as it is, but imagine if you had a miniature version of your animal friend? No, we’re not talking about your pet having babies. We’re talking about them having handmade doppelgangers! Having a mini replica of your favorite animal friend can be comforting when you two are separated. Plus, pets, especially dogs, like to play with stuffed animals and even use them as a pillow. Speaking of which, you can get pet-shaped pillows made, too. Whether you have a parrot, cat, dog, bunny, hamster, or a guinea pig, simply send a couple of pictures you have of your pet and wait until its mini version gets delivered to you. 

A french bulldog lying on a dog bed

Animal-themed everyday items and accents

Speaking of decorating your home with items featuring your pet, you can always give homage to your furry or feathery friend by choosing everyday items and accents with animals and animal prints. You can also get decor pieces that feature the particular breed of your pet. From succulent pots and bedding to shower curtains and welcome mats, nearly every household item you can think of can be found in an animal-themed version. Whatever you choose, it’s sure to give a nod to your favorite animal friend and show others just how much you love your pet.

A cozy and pet-friendly rug

Incorporating home decor that’s chic and unlikely to get damaged by pets is one of the struggles many pet owners face. Luckily for them, the market is full of pet-friendly home decor pieces that are as practical as they are stylish. As we all know, pet hair is a common problem among pet owners, as well as mud and other outdoor dirt our four-legged companions bring with them. However, preventing your home from getting covered in pet hair and dirt is just a matter of choosing pet-friendly fabrics. Instead of carpets, stick with area rugs that are easy to clean and maintain. Also, make sure they come in darker hues, especially those in high foot/paw traffic areas. That way, you’ll be able to show off your unique style without worrying about your home looking all worn-out and dirty.

Chic storage solutions for your pet’s stuff

Decor pieces are there to make our living spaces feel more beautiful and personal, but they can also have a practical side to them. Got a couple of cute toy bins lying around? Use them to put away pet toys. Glass containers and pretty storage bins? Ideal for storing pet food. And those wall hooks and wicker baskets you got the other day? Great for keeping leashes and pet supplies organized. With little creativity, you can design a living space that looks well-thought-out while still keeping things practical and functional. The best part? It won’t break the bank.

Although they can be a bit messy at times, our pets are our best friends, and we still love them very much. So much that we want to incorporate our love for them in our home decor! If you were looking for some inspiration, these decor pieces are sure to beautify your abode and help you celebrate your pet with style.