Pet owners know that having a dog is like owning a best friend. They’ll stick with you through thick and thin and always be by your side. They’re such faithful companions that they deserve to be celebrated, so take an opportunity to throw a party for your favorite pup. If you like the idea of a pet party but need ideas, heed these tips and make it an event the guests won’t ever forget.

Come Up With A Theme And Games

It’s important to throw your dog a party every once in a while. Your pup may not fully understand what the festivities are all about, but they’ll enjoy the chance to let loose and be with other pets. Dogs cannot be cooped up all of the time. Instead, they need an opportunity to socialize and experience new things so they can enjoy life to the fullest and not be afraid of other dogs. A pet party is an excellent idea to allow your pooch to meet other canines in the neighborhood. There are many reasons to throw a party, whether for a birthday, a celebration of getting over an ailment, or simply as an excuse to gather with others.

When you’re throwing a party, one of the first things you should do is decide on a theme and go from there. Examples include a formal or classy affair, a summertime theme, or a time period, like the 50s or 90s. You don’t need to go overboard with the decorations, but you can pick out a few banners and signs to hang up that will look great in pictures. If you decide on a theme, like the 90s, you could suggest that other pet owners dress up their dogs with their favorite accessories of the time. Then, set up a photo booth so owners can take snapshots with their pets. 

Most dogs love to be active, so tap into that by introducing a few pet activities and games during the festivities. Activities can be as simple as playing catch in the backyard or having the dogs play in the pool. Another idea is to play tug of war. It can either be people versus dogs or dogs versus dogs!

Don’t Forget The Party Favors

You can make the party truly memorable by handing out party favors that the dogs can continue to enjoy after they leave. 

There are many memorable ideas for party favors you can try. When in doubt, think about what you’d give to humans. For instance, while you might provide a goody bag to your friends that might include snacks and colorful baubles, you can also provide the pet guests their own goody bags with dog treats and squishy toys. Some people choose to give out custom lanyards to kids after school-related events. You could do something similar, but instead, give out customized or personalized collars for all doggy attendees. Since dog owners tend to be active and outdoorsy, custom sunglasses are another great party favor option. 

If your budget allows and you’re looking for something more than a small trinket, you can also give out tech items that your human and pet guests will love. That could include a GPS tracker that ensures that the dogs never get lost or an automatic pet feeder that always provides the right amount of food so the dog is healthy while simplifying the owner's life.

Give Out Treats

You can also design doggy treats that accompany the theme and pass them out at the party. To ensure that every dog can enjoy what you provide, find treats that are grain-free and natural so that even dogs with grain sensitivity can enjoy them. When you’re providing dogs with food, be sure to avoid harmful ingredients and options. For instance, there are certain human foods that dogs can't eat, such as garlic and onions, so keep items of that nature entirely out of the area during the party.

While the dogs are the highlight of the party, don’t forget that their owners will likely be there as well, so plan to feed them as well. You can put out some refreshments and beverages that they can enjoy during the festivities.

Ensuring Safety

Before the party starts, it is necessary that you pet-proof your home, garage, and other areas that the dogs may have access to. Since you can’t prepare for every single possible danger, make it clear where in the house the dogs are free to roam and keep them out of rooms that are off-limits with baby gates across the doorways

Since you’ll likely have the dogs play outside for a portion of the party, be sure to keep the garage door closed, especially if there are dangers inside. Vehicle fluids like antifreeze can be hazardous even if small amounts are ingested. So keep them on a high shelf just in case the dog sneaks away from the party and makes their way into the garage. The best way to keep all guests safe is to keep an eye on the dogs at all times and hold all the owners responsible. 

You must also prevent pets from getting into cabinets, especially if they contain harmful household chemicals. If you believe the dogs will be nosy, put a latch on the cabinet door to keep it closed.


Celebrating your favorite pup is a great idea, so consider these ideas, implement a few of your own, and make it an affair to remember!