Dogs are well deserving of their title as Man's Best Friend. From the beginning, they were at Man's side, helping them hunt for food, herd farm animals and guard the family. Lately, they have become more often companions than helpers, but we love them all the same. They have over time become symbols of undying loyalty. You might want to bring a puppy into your home to be raised as part of the family. In this case, please adopt one from a local animal shelter.

A Shelter Dog is Well Behaved

The ideal situation for socializing a dog is in a controlled environment with an experienced instructor. An animal shelter fits this description. Should the dog come in with a few bad habits, the instructor will determine whether the dog is protective or afraid and train accordingly. They will keep working with the dog until they have a well-behaved canine who would be a happy addition to just the right home. There are no bad dogs, only bad owners is an axiom that should always be kept in mind. Be your dog's best friend so they can be yours.

Mills Must Not Be Supported

The puppy mills that produce purebred dogs are not concerned with the dog's well-being in the least. Not only do they turn out sickly and poorly socialized puppies, but the poor mother is a prisoner for life in the worst conditions. Beware of breeders who can get you a puppy on demand or won't let you see the parents.

It is untrue that purebreds are any better than mixed-breeds. In fact, dogs of mixed heritage are often healthier than any purebred. Mixed breeds are unlikely to be a result of inbreeding, which can lead to a Pandora's Box of troubles.

Shelter dogs are healthy

Even worse than the "care" in mills is when a homeless stray isn't cared for at all. Dogs in adequate shelters get not just food but veterinary care. Volunteers are eager and able to see to it that every dog in their care is well-groomed without any parasites. Even if a dog has had a tough life, with a good deal of love, patience and perseverance that dog can learn that humans are their friends. A prime shelter will be able to offer you bonus information and assistance as a public service. Everyone involved from trainers to vets and volunteers are fully dedicated to acting in the best interests of the dog. You should be too!

There are just so many of them

Do you still want a puppy? We encourage you to adopt! After all, 3.3 million dogs are surrendered to U.S. animal shelters every year. The puppies do need homes, but so do the older dogs. If you really think that you'd like some more reasons, please take a minute or two to read the following infographic.

Reasons to adopt a dog infographic