Making a move from Singapore to another country can be stressful. Likewise, pet relocation from Singapore to another country might seem daunting. Still, there are professional pet relocation services to make it easy for pet owners to relocate around the world. 

When moving from Singapore with your pets, relocating pets starts getting complicated. However, with proper guidance and professional help, you can consistently streamline the entire process and overcome the difficulties of shifting with your pets. Here's what you can do to make things seamless and stress-free for you:

Understand the Rules and Regulations

When you are moving from Singapore to another country, it's always advisable to check the rules and regulations of that country. There are countries wherein you'll have to undergo a strict quarantine process before your pets enter the country. 

The procedure may take a few days to a month or more. So, ensure that once you get there, your pets will have sufficient time to go through this process before starting work or settling in a new place.

Plan Ahead for Relocation

If you are planning on relocating from Singapore with your pet, you need to produce some documents & forms before leaving. When it comes to pet relocation, make sure that you do extensive research on pet airlines. Then, consult with professional pet shipping services from Shiloh Animal Pet Relocation to help you move smoothly without any hassles and complications.  

Make Sure the New Home is Suitable for Pets

It's always advisable to have your new home inspected by animal welfare officers before letting your pets in. The exam procedure can be time-consuming, so taking your pet for a health checkup at least two weeks before the move is best. Make the health checkup routine and ensure your pets are on the proper medication before moving. Be sure to settle in the new place before being paid on the new site.

Pack Supplies for Your Pets

It's always advisable to pack some supplies for your pets. Keep in mind that animals are susceptible to smells and new places. They may get confused and stressed easily, so pack some familiar things, such as their bed, toys, and treats, along with you. 

Have a Pet Travel Crate

If you want your pet to travel comfortably in your car, it's best to choose pet crates. There are pet carriers out there that have been approved by most airlines. These crates can be easily folded while in use and are lightweight and portable.

Choose the Right Time to Ship Your Pets

If you have decided to go with a pet shipping service, make sure you book the flight at least two weeks before your moving date. Booking early will ensure no problem with your flight tickets, and everything will be sorted out well before your move. It's always important to have your pet micro chipped before the move from Singapore to another country. 

Final Words

One way or another, pets often manage to escape or get lost, so it's best to have a tracking device implanted in them just in case they go missing while you're still moving overseas. So, implement these tips when moving from Singapore with your pets.