Dogs usually shed their hair twice a year, in the spring and again at the start of the fall. They will then develop a thick coat ready for the cold winter months. This is a natural part of life and helps keep their coats healthy. Dogs can actually have three different layers of hair - when there is more than one layer it is called fur. Triple-coated breeds include the Briard and the Bernese Mountain Dog. Unless you have a low-shedding dog, like a Bichon Frise or a Chinese Crested, you can expect to find a certain amount of shedding all year round. Some double-coated breeds like the Alaskan Malamute, the Siberian Husky and the Labrador Retriever will shed almost constantly. Whichever type of dog you own, if you keep on top of the carpet cleaning, the pet hair won’t take over your home.

General cleaning

If you have a small dog that doesn’t shed too much, vacuuming every few days will help to get rid of the pet hair. If you have a very hairy dog, like a German Shepherd, it is worth investing in a pet hair vacuum - these are less likely to get clogged. Along with vacuuming your carpet, you can also use a humble lint roller to remove patches of excess hair. You can even use a rubber dog grooming glove to tackle dog hair in small areas.

Getting in the experts

If you have a large breed dog that sheds all year round, getting in professional carpet cleaners who are using a pile lifter for pet hair will help enormously. A pile lifter is an industrial vacuum cleaner that removes the dirt, hair and debris that falls right to the bottom of your carpet. This dirt is difficult to remove with an ordinary household vacuum. After removing the pet hair, you can also have your carpet shampooed so that it smells fresh and clean. This will also help to get rid of any stains. Using a dry foam shampoo that is non-toxic is essential when you have a dog. The shampoo will dissolve the dirt and won’t leave any residue in the fibers of your carpet. Having your carpet cleaned every 3-6 months will help to keep it looking good as new.

Protecting your carpet

After your carpet has been cleaned and vacuumed, applying a carpet protector spray will help your carpet look good for longer. Scotchgard and Protect Nano are popular brands and can last between 6 months and a year. When you are choosing a protector spray, look for one that is free from harmful chemicals. Many of the sprays are water and oil based, naturally repelling dirt and pet hair so that they don’t penetrate the carpet. Your carpet will also look better for longer if you don’t wear outdoor shoes in the house.

When you have a dog that sheds, the pet hair can build up quickly on your carpet. Vacuuming regularly will help, and a professional carpet cleaner can help keep your carpets smelling fresh and looking good as new.