Once a dog is adopted into the family, we treat him as one of our own. With time, they become so close to each member of the family, children included. All this is due to their unending loyalty. However, there are tips for dog owners with kids that will help so that the loyalty cannot turn sour.

Here are some of the tips that will help dog owners create a smooth living for their children as well as their loyal hairy companions.

Parents’ Help

Even when you think that your dog will be a good companion to your children, you still need to ensure that you play your part to ensure that your baby is safe. For instance, you can:

Train your dog to be obedient.

Training a dog is easy especially if you have had him since he was a puppy unlike when you adopt a grown dog. If you barely have the time, you can enroll your dog in obedience classes where you are sure that positive reinforcement is used.

Mistreating the dog by rolling him over or choking him as punishment for disobedience is wrong as it will turn his aggression to other members of the family who are weaker. Your little pumpkin may end up being on the receiving end. You can involve the older children or other members of the household in the training process.

Supervise as the kids play with the dog.

Even when you are sure that your dog has never bitten or shown any aggression to kids, you still have to be careful. As your toddler plays with the dog, ensure that you also have your hands on the dog instead of taking risks which could end up making your little angel being to be hurt.

If there are visiting children who seem to have trouble relating to the dog, you can take the dog away or politely send the children away.

Protect your dog from any situation likely to cause it anxiety.

Being the parent of your dog, you are conversant with his behavior. As he interacts with the children, make sure that there is no situation that will cause anxiety or fear. In case something happens, act swiftly to prevent instances of dog bites.

Allow children to socialize with dogs when they are still young.

This will help them get used to each other hence reducing anxiety and discomfort which could cause a dog bite later.

Offer Valuable Lessons to Kids on How to Relate With Dogs

A little boy with a golden retriever puppy

With a dog in the compound, as a dog owner with kids, you still have to educate your children on how to interact and handle the dog. This will help them to prevent dangers associated with mishandling the dog.

Never disturb or tease the dog.

Dogs are quite playful. At some point, a child could be all psyched up to play and the dog could be her best playmate. It will only be right for you to caution your kid to avoid disturbing a dog as it takes its meals, sleeps or as it is protecting something.

Show your child how to act as a tree if a strange dog appears.

You can show your child how it is done and practice it severally. This comes in handy when the family dog becomes too aggressive or when a strange dog appears. A dog will pay no attention to a tree since it is boring. It will leave immediately.

Caution your child against hugging and kissing a dog.

Dogs are very loyal and friendly and so they become rather close with children. What your child may not know is that dogs do not like kisses and hugs. Most of the times, the kisses and face-to-face hugs result in face bites. Make your children know that a simple scratch on the side of the dog’s neck or on the chest is enough.

Help your child understand that dogs also have their bad days.

Most of the times we forget this fact and keep telling ourselves how sweet and wonderful our dogs are to children. When a dog is unhappy, it could be very dangerous. Most of the dog bites are usually from animals that children know too well.

According to your understanding of your dog, help your kid understand when it is not in its good moods. For instance, if it freezes up to let your child know that he or she should keep off.

Always be careful around dogs.

A dog bite is an accident like any other. You can barely predict its occurrence. This means that there is no procedure to ensure that your kid never gets bitten by a dog. This means that you should always be respectful and careful around dogs. Teach your children to be gentle hence reducing the risk of them suffering a dog bite.

Teach children to act calm in the presence of canine companions.

Any disturbing movement such as jumping and screaming around dogs could be irritating to them. Also, some children who view dogs as dolls could provoke them into biting by poking their eyes or pulling their fur and tail. Let your child know that dogs do not like disturbance and help them to act calm around the dog.


Dogs always seem to be creatures which love tons of affection and play but this is not the case. Any sort of irritation to them could provoke them to turn aggressive to the extent that they can bite anyone who disturbs them. If you have children, you will have to be extra cautious to ensure that your children do not become victims of dog bites.

I hope you have learned the tips for dog owners with kids that will ensure that your children and the canine companion live in harmony. Teach them to be calm when handling the dogs and never assume anything that could make you regret later.

Feel free to comment on the article and give more tips for dog owners with kids. Read the comments of other parents to ensure that your children are on the safe side. Where you need clarification, make an inquiry and we shall answer you.