Do you love festivals? Well, who doesn't! Almost every person eagerly waits for their favorite festivals. The day is for enjoying your family and friends; most people tend to forget about a significant family member. Yes, it is your furry friends. Festivals are unique for humans and should be for your fur friends too. Here are some tips to ensure happy celebrations for your pet. This article will also discuss whether CBD for dogs is beneficial.

Tips to Take Care of Your Dog

A Dog Monitor for Festivals

Are you the one who cares for your dog? Do you stay busy during festivals? If yes, you can still take care of your dog in two ways. They are:

  • Ask any family member who would be available at that particular festival to take care of the dog for one day.
  • You can hire a dog monitor for the day in such a case. Hire a professional for some days until you get free. 

Although family members work well for one day, hiring a professional is preferable. It ensures that your dog is in safe hands. Besides, professionals know the ways to handle dogs in some undesirable situations. So, you have a helping hand to manage any fuss. 

Make sure your dog is happy with the new friend. It is better to have a few interactions before handing your dog to them.


During festivals, you might fail to follow your usual routine. However, that must not make your furry buddy's routine go upside down. Give them meals at scheduled timings and try to exercise with them as you do regularly. A slight shift works but avoids changing their routine to a large extent. 


If you are traveling during any festival with your pet, keep their bedding and bed with you. Their bedding carries a familiar scent that could keep them comfortable. Besides, ensure that your dog does not get travel sickness before making a plan for a road trip with your fur friend.


Gifts or rewards are no doubt the most exciting part of festivals. Keeping presents in the open, anywhere in the house, is tempting for dogs. They might begin playing with it, eventually damaging the gifts. They might also hurt themselves. Thus, we suggest keeping the presents safely until you have time to supervise your dog. 

To keep your dog happy during festival times, you can bring presents for him too. Gifts such as a Lady Bow Collar, Everyday Carrier, a Dog Bed, Dog Sweater, and an Elevated Dog Bowl will make them mentally happy.

CBD Treats

Have you tried CBD for dogs? Most people think that CBD is only for humans, but it can be effective for dogs. 

Dr. Gary Richter, an Oakland-based veterinarian, says, "Almost anything that cannabis would be used for in a human, from a medical standpoint, has the potential to be equally as valuable in dogs or cats," said Richter. "Pain, inflammation, arthritis, gastro-intestinal related things, stress, anxiety, seizures, cancer, you name it. We've seen the benefits in all of these areas."

CBD might take care of their health when you fail to provide your dog with a nutritious diet during festivals. It will give them several benefits.Some of them are:

  • Relief From Pain- CBD is known for its pain-relieving properties. Your pet might experience body pain because of an injury, surgery, or several other factors. CBD treats might help reduce chronic and acute pain.
  • Anti Inflammatory Properties- Inflammation is an issue with humans and dogs. During festivals, you might fail to notice their medical condition. However, CBD shows anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, it might help your canine friend.
  • Relief from stress- You are busy with your work, guests are there, and they have no one to play with. That is a perfect situation for your dog to become sad and depressed. Most vets suggest that oral use of CBD might reduce stress and depression in pets. In such cases, you can give them CBD. 

Dogs in front of a Christmas tree


Festivals can be a nightmare for your dogs if guests visit your house and your dog is uncomfortable around visitors. So, try to keep a separate place for them, away from the visitors. Also, try to play some familiar sounds in that space. It will make them comfortable.


Festival decoration materials are an irresistible toy for your dog. Consuming angel hair, tinsel, thermocol balls, and other decorations might cause blockages and lead to fatal problems. Thus, it is better to take time away from your busy schedule and play with them. It will ensure that they do not get attracted to these decorations. 

In Short

While preparing yourself for festivals, do not ignore your dog. They too wait for the presents and treats. Also, try to take some time from your busy schedule and spend it with them. It will keep them happy.