Pets have taken over social networks. Cute pictures of them attract the attention of media subscribers from all over the world. Moreover, leading worldwide brands and celebrities want to collaborate with them. 

Do you have a dog and want to make it famous on social media? Let’s see what you should do to achieve subscribers' devotion.  

Choose the platform

Nowadays, there are many variants for you to choose from. If you are aimed at making your dog famous so you could have a profit, it is best to create a web page. For successful promotion, you need to develop an appropriate link profile. In a nutshell, other blogs will refer to your website boosting it. 

You can also choose any social network where you can upload photos and videos of your beloved pet. Besides, you can write funny posts as if your dog did it personally.

Get to know your pet better

Every pet has a unique character that can initiate creativity in terms of designing a profile. It affects the involvement of both sides – of the owner and the pet that carries a particular spirit. If you look at other pet accounts, you’ll see that this energy is present in every aspect. Therefore, it is worth looking closely at your pet. Maybe it is funny, playful, or super agile. Perhaps its look is naturally sad, but it carries it with grandeur and mundaneness. Sincere feelings can make the account unique and captivating.

So, one of your first steps is to notice the slightest characteristic features of your dog and make them its jam.

Captivating material

Speaking about content, you can combine your hobbies and aspirations with the life of your pet. If you love cooking and ready to delight everyone with exquisite cuisine, you can create a pet chef account. Your puppy can be either the host or a helper. In case you like traveling, this is an excellent opportunity to create a travel account with your dog where you would share not only useful tips and notes but also bring experiences from different locations to the feed. Are you fond of fashion? Start from reviewing various pet outfits or testing beauty novelties designed for them. 

If you are engaged in a fascinating creative process, you can easily share your cooperation with your lovely pet presenting the masterpieces to the public. There are quite a few examples of animal accounts where animals have distinctive external features that become their calling card. 

The first step to enhance your account is to set up your profile. Post a bright photo, tell about yourself and your pet in the description, indicate the subject of your account, add contacts, and links to your profiles on other social networks. 

Stick to the same photo style

The account that is harmoniously organized is another crucial step for gaining recognition. While processing photos, apply different settings and change their arrangement. Look through other accounts relating to your theme to come across inspiration but pay attention not to be a copycat. 

However, this method of organizing the account might not be appropriate for everyone. Again, you should contemplate the distinguishing traits of your dog – coloring and other appearance characteristics. This way, you will discover how vibrant and colorful the photos should be to edit them successfully. Remember that decent photo editing is a number one must for developing a top quality account with many subscribers. 

Take care of your dog 

The leading role of managing the account belongs to your pet. And you, as a director, strive to show your pet from all the pretty sides. Taking care of the appearance and health of the animal should be a priority for you. Bathing, healthy nutrition, and dental care should be part of your pet's daily routine.

Grooming might become one of your dog’s calling cards. Avoid acid coloration, outrageous and fanciful haircuts, and piercings. Remember that mistreatment of the animal will undoubtedly cause a flurry of public anger.

Communicate with subscribers 

Your subscribers must always be engaged. That is, you must upload many posts on a schedule. Then, you should choose a strategy and, first of all, pay attention to loyal subscribers who leave positive feedback. But be aware of the difference between adequate criticism and childish trolling. Never even start a conversation with random haters - you will just start a pointless fight. 

Friendliness and positive vibes create a respectable image and help to get closer to the loyal audience. However, there is one more point – the time you spend to answer the comments and messages. Do not forget about the basic rules of etiquette when communicating with subscribers. Besides, pay attention to your spelling and style. Check everything you write and take time to spare a minute to check your caption text.

Think outside the box 

Of course, your puppy might be sweet and cute and stuff, yet the same location or a constant flow of identical pictures happen to become tedious. Come up with some creative ideas. Discover interesting places where you can take photos. You might think that your usual way home is mundane and unremarkable. However, during an everyday walk, you might encounter extraordinary scenery or picturesque nooks where you can take brilliant photos. Therefore, it is high time to think out of the box and start discovering the places that may seem plain to you. 

Plan beforehand 

The process of arrangement of the account and communicating with the audience is quite time-consuming. No doubt, you have your everyday routine and want to keep up with your own life. Therefore, you should install a scheduler application. It will help you upload and write captions for photos in advance. In this way, you will not bother with constantly reminding yourself about posting photos when you are tied up.


When your pet’s account gains enough followers, it will get to the next level. This means that it is high time to earn money. After all, those efforts that have been spent on creating and developing ideas, taking photos, and caring for a pet should be profitable.

Avoid the side effect of advertising that turns quality content into a garbage dump with endless posts about useless products and things. If you are going to advertise a product, service, place, or product, do a research and look over the material. 

Making your dog famous can be both profitable and pleasant if you are a caring and resourceful person. Be groundbreaking and inspired to succeed in the quality content production on social media.