Being a digital nomad can be an exciting experience, but it isn’t always easy. With the necessary lifestyle changes and challenges that come with being a digital nomad, pet ownership may seem like an impossibility. But if you do your research and plan ahead, it can be done. Let’s break down how you can make pet ownership work as a digital nomad.

Establishing an LLC

One of the most important steps for any digital nomad is forming an LLC or other legal entity. If you are going to take your business on the road, it’s important that your business is properly registered. This will help protect you from any legal issues that could arise while on the road. 

Accommodations That Accept Pets

As a digital nomad, finding pet-friendly accommodations is key. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources online that can help you find short-term rental options or even monthly stays. These sites have filters so that you can easily sort through listings to find what best suits your needs as well as those of your pet companion.   

Looking Up Area Vets

When traveling with pets, researching local vets in advance is important to ensure they have the care they need when on the road. This way if something happens while traveling, you know where to take them to get quality care without having to worry about researching in a time of crisis or stress. Additionally, having all their records on hand will make it easier for the vet to provide proper treatment for them quickly and efficiently.

Establishing a Regular Schedule

When living and working remotely, it's easy to fall into routines that lack structure or consistency; however, this isn't ideal for anyone — especially not our furry friends. Creating regular routines helps keep everyone happy and healthy by providing stability in our ever-changing lives as digital nomads. Take some time each day to give them attention and love as well as plan out playtime activities such as walks or trips to local dog parks so they have something fun and stimulating every day.

Updating Your Resume 

When things are constantly changing it's hard to keep track of all the different places we've been and skills we've acquired over time - especially when we're trying to showcase our experiences on resumes. Using resume templates designed specifically for digital nomads allows us to easily organize our experiences while still making sure they look professional–a must when applying for jobs remotely.

Designing Business Cards

Creating personalized business cards is effective in making a lasting impression and helping you network. Using templates to design free business cards with your own images, text, color schemes and fonts makes this task easy. Showcasing your creativity on a business card will ensure that potential customers and clients have something tangible to remember you by, making it more visible than an email address or online portfolio.

Selecting Pet Travel Gear 

Pet gear can often be tricky; there are so many different types but only so much space in one suitcase. Do some research beforehand and read reviews from other travelers about their experiences with certain products before investing in anything — this way you'll know exactly what works best for both you and your furry friend during trips abroad.

One thing that’s crucial is investing in a GPS tracker in case your pup escapes or gets lost. FitBark offers the smallest and lightest GPS pet tracker available!


Pet ownership while living life as a digital nomad doesn't have to be difficult if approached strategically. Preparedness is key and there are many steps to take in order to make it work, from forming an LLC, getting business cards, and seeking out pet-friendly accommodations. There's always something new around every corner waiting to be discovered by both human and pup alike no matter where life takes us next.