Not all dogs are comfortable with their crates, as they love to roam around and find the most familiar place to live in. But a crate is the space where they should be and get familiar. It needs more time and crate training to keep them in place. 

But still, we need a heavy-duty dog crate that will be comfy and secured to keep the dog inside. But is it necessary to keep a dog in a crate? Generally, they sniff around and do not love to stay in one place. But in some cases, it is needed to keep them in the crate for traveling or if any guests are at home. 

Generally, owners do not love to keep them in crates, but we will discuss the method and related issues based on need. 

Why do we need a crate?

We do not want our dog to roam around in a few cases. When we are in a meeting, that place is not good for dogs. Similarly, if we have a party where someone is not comfortable with dogs need to be in their crate. Generally, dogs do not love to be quiet; they roam around and mingle with people. 

So, we need to keep them locked in a crate in these cases. Also, there are issues like traveling. It is not safe to keep dogs released in cars. On a long journey, it needs better care and keeps them secured. Here, now we will talk about the process of keeping a dog crate escape-proof.

How to prepare a perfect dog crate

A dog generally does not love to be in a crate; here, we need to make one that it will love. An old rusty crate will not make it interested; if it starts to hate it, we cannot keep it in here. So, we need something new, cozy and lovable. A new one will be perfect, if not possible when we get a second-hand one we have to check all the aspects. 

One thing is very important, and that is the comfort issue. If a dog loves it, you can keep it here. So, first, put the crate in a comfortable and mute place, with no additional sound. It will help them to relax. Also, keep it comfortable to stay in there and well ventilated. 

We can keep some toys and food in the crate to keep it enjoying its moment. Puzzle-type toys will help a lot. So, this is the easiest method to keep a dog in a crate. 

Tips to keep a dog in a crate

Here we will share some tips to keep your crate ready for keeping your dogs. So, here they are:

  • Get a strong Crate

It is best to get a new one; if not possible, check the quality and pick one that is strong and can be used for years. 

  • Decorate the Crate

It will need time to adjust the crate with your dog. Keep it comfortable; give some toys inside, some food, and blankets to make it happy. At least make it love its crate. 

  • Use a latch

If you want your dog to move within a limit, attach a latch and secure the size. It will then keep the dog in a limited movement. Also, you can bring it anywhere and control it with the latch. 

  • Crate Training

Your dog must be habituated to its crate. It will take some time, but you need to make it love its crate. Give some time every day and make the crate lovable for it. 

Is it necessary to stay in a crate?

However, each dog is individual and may behave differently. Some dogs will be more comfortable with a crate; others will not. If you are looking for a dog that loves a crate, you will need to get to know your dog, and if your dog is not into a crate, you will need to find out why. End of the day, it is you who can bring the change.

Final Words

Keeping your dog in a crate will save your time and keep the dog organized. We have shared some tips to make it easy for you. Have fun and enjoy yourself with your dog from now on.