Dogs are a great source of inspiration. They shower us with love every day and teach us how to be better humans. To receive these lessons, we must be open to learning and willing to become inspired. If you paid more attention to your dog, you’d realize that it lives in the present moment, rolls over for constant love and belly rubs, and expresses gratitude all the time. Believe me or not, our dogs could be our spiritual teachers on our path to spiritual wisdom. Let’s find out why. 

They live in the present moment

Have you ever wondered whether your dog contemplates life? I have. And the truth is, your dog couldn’t care less about that. Your dog is living each moment to the fullest and is mindful every second of the day. He doesn’t overthink or overanalyze. He simply is. In your dog’s mind, this is basically what’s happening. 

“Oh, a ball! What a cool ball! I’m catching the ball!” “Oh, breakfast! BREAKFAST! BREAEEEEAKFAST!” “MY OWNER IS HOME!!!!!!!!!!” “I’m bored, let me chew on this stick…”, etc. 

They’re always grateful

Dogs are always grateful for you and they’ll express it every second of the day. They’ll kiss you endlessly and shower you with attention. They won’t take anything for granted. Every time your dog wakes up, she’s excited to see you. She jumps out of bed and kisses you with affection. She’s winging her tail like she hasn’t seen you in a long time. Now that’s what being grateful means. 

They don’t focus on the past

Your dog doesn’t think about the past or the future. He’s simply living the moment, happy and without worries. Your dog can teach you how to live mindfully. No matter the hardships you’ve gone through, there’s always a light that shines bright at the end of the tunnel; and that’s the present moment, being alive, being respectful of the present day. Be grateful for what you have right now, no matter what you’ve gone through in the past. 

They love you unconditionally

Your dog loves you no matter what. They’ll be loyal and stick around, always. They don’t need anything in return. All they care about is you and your love, and they love you exactly as you are. We should develop these qualities within ourselves and love those around us unconditionally. 

They keep faith

My colleague at Australian Writings told me a story the other day. She asked, ‘did you realize that dogs keep the faith no matter what?’ and I was a bit confused. Then she went on, ‘they never give up believing that something good’s going to happen. They don’t get discouraged when you don’t feed them when they beg, they keep trying.’ And she was right. Dogs do keep the faith and keep trying, no matter what happens. How cool of a life lesson that is!

They keep calm

Dogs don’t stress. They’re chill and keep calm no matter what. If they get stuck somewhere (for example, their head gets stuck in the cat door), they wait, and wait, and wait… and wait for the right moment to come. They wait for the opportunity to get their head out of the door. They don’t stress about it. They’re calmly waiting for the moment, like humans also should. 

They’re open to new adventures

Your dog’s always excited for a walk in the park, a trip to the mountains, or a nice day at the beach. Wherever you take them, they won’t refuse you. They’ll be excited about it and jumping around thanking you for it…. and so should we. We should not hesitate when an adventure is awaiting, we should say ‘yes!’ and accept the challenge. 

They love a good workout

Dogs love to walk, run, chase, roam freely. And so should you. A good workout helps prevent heart disease, improves your overall mood, and maintains a thin waistline. You should say ‘yes’ to a workout opportunity whenever the time comes. Accept it without thinking about it twice. That’ll ruin it.

They never judge

Have you ever noticed that your dog never judges you – or anyone else, for that matter? Whatever you do, they’ll just accept it and move on. They’re so freaking welcoming, it’s absolutely adorable. You should remember this next time you’re about to judge someone. As essay writing service UK coordinator, Emma Crassly, notes, ‘My dog is the best non-judgemental friend I could’ve ever asked for.’

They forgive

Let’s not forget that dogs always forgive. If you ever accidentally stepped on your dog’s paw, you know it. Even though they hurt, they’ll get over it in just a few seconds. They’re so carefree and easy-going, it’s crazy. We should really learn to be the same as humans. 

Wrapping Up

Your dog could be your spiritual guru for all I know. 

We must learn to be more mindful, carefree, and unattached. We must learn how to love unconditionally. We must learn how to stop judging. We must learn from our dogs every single day. Do you agree?