Whether perched on the hills or hidden in the woods, camping log cabins away from your daily routine are a great way to immerse yourself in nature. It gets even better when you tag your furry friend along. If you are a traveler who doesn't leave their pet behind, there are plenty of pet-friendly log cabins that can fit almost any budget. In this guide, you will learn about everything you need to know when searching for the perfect log cabin for pet camping. 

The Various Types of Pet-Friendly Log Cabins

Rental log cabins come in all shapes and sizes, from downright quirky to conventional cabins. Entrepreneurs have invested in making your experience in their rental log cabins worthwhile in today’s competitive world. If you are looking for sited log cabins for sale UK, below are some of the different log cabins that you can rent for seeking adventure with your pet.

Luxurious Cabins

There is no harm in incorporating some luxury into your camping experience if you can afford it. Numerous property companies have invested in designing luxurious pet-friendly log cabins in the woods. These cabins offer an exquisite experience by providing a wide range of frills. The luxury add-ons could be anything from a crackling wood fire to a fully-fitted kitchen and probably a swimming pool. 

Pet-Friendly Cabins with Hot Tubs

If your budget does not afford the luxurious rental cabin, one with a hot tub is a relatively affordable alternative. A hot bathtub adds a touch of relaxation and class to any rental stay. After a long day of hiking, you will want nothing less of a bathtub filled with hot, bubbling water.  In most cases, management will provide pet toys such as tennis balls for your furry partner. 

Rustic Log Cabins

When working with a lean pet-camping budget, a rustic cabin somewhere in the woods is a great option. If you are camping upcountry, you will wake up to the view of dew coated fields. You can enjoy the sunrise watching the sweeping panoramas of the terrain unfold before your eyes – preparing you for the hike ahead of you. 

A cabin in the woods

How To Find Affordable Pet-Friendly Log Cabins

When looking for a camping log cabin, you can get a good bargain by looking in the right places. There is no point in overpaying for a three-five day's rental space. To inform your decision, you can consider the following tips. 

Make the Most of Last-Minute Deals

While leaving things for the last minute might mean that you will miss the best deals, it can also present a chance to act on last-minute bargains. When the property agents have reached their target threshold, they are often willing to offer last-minute bargains at a lower cost. It is a great idea to look out for those deals. 

Consider shortening your camping period.

If you feel that you cannot afford the cost of renting a log cabin for a week's stay, you can consider shortening your stay to two to three days. When renting for a short-term stay, you can afford a luxurious or classy log cabin. A two-days escape from your daily routine can work wonders for you and your pet. 

Snowy cabin stairs

Careful Consideration of the Destination

Some destinations are more popular among pet camping travelers than others. Pet-friendly log cabins in these places are somewhat expensive due to the high demand. However, if you are not hell-bent on visiting the popular pet camping destinations, you can easily come across a more affordable log cabin in an off-beat destination. 

Comparing Pet-Friendly Log Cabins

With a wide range of pet-friendly cabins to choose from, you might need to narrow down your options by grouping them into categories with shared features. Below are some categories that you can work with. 

Campgrounds Log Cabins

There are many grounds designated for camping visitors across the country. These are a great option because they are specifically designed for campers. You and your pet will have everything that you need for your stay at an affordable cost. Moreover, you will get a sizeable double bed log cabin with casual furnishings and luxuries such as a TV set. Campers are free to cook outside at a picnic grill or table. However, some utilities such as bathrooms are shared among campers.

The significant upside is that campgrounds are convenient for family camping. Besides accommodating your furry friend, they will accommodate your loved ones too. 

State Park Campground Cabins

You will be surprised at the lodging services offered at state parks. If you are considering camping in a state park, this is a great option. Besides the main lodging block, state parks offer log cabins for campers. The cabins could be stationed deeper into the park or close to the lodge. You can check with your local state parks whether they have pet-friendly log cabins. 

National Park Cabins

Unlike state park cabins, those found at national parks are a bit posh and pricier. However, you will get a better camping experience than staying in a conventional log cabin. When making your reservation, be sure to inform them about your intention to bring your pet with you. The attendants will prepare a pet-friendly environment. 

The only downside to this option is that not all national parks offer pet-friendly log cabins. On the flip side, you can turn to nearby private cabins. This way, you can enjoy your hike during the day and retire at the private pet-friendly cabin at night. 

A snowy cabin

National Forest Cabins

When parks are not your thing, a national forest sounds like a great camping terrain. Most national forests have public and private camping sites. If you are thinking of touring one, you can call in to enquire whether there are pet-friendly log cabins. A standard log cabin in the middle of a national forest will offer a bunk bed, a wood-fueled stove, and other necessary utilities such as water. In most cases, they provide rain-harvested water. 

If you want to incorporate some luxury into your stay, you can check in at a private national forest campground. 


The form of accommodation in a pet-friendly camping tour will determine your overall experience. Take time to assess the options highlighted above to make an informed decision. Remember that as you have fun, your pet deserves to have a good time too.