Owning a dog is a big responsibility, whichever breed we opt for, we’ve made a life-long companion, one that we need to care and provide for. Naturally, we want to provide our furry friends with the best; they give us so much, it’s only natural. One of the best ways is to give them their own turf and the backyard is one of the best places to do so. Whether expecting a new arrival or trying to do something for an old friend, fixing up the backyard and turning it into a dog paradise is guaranteed to breathe new life into your canine companion.

Designate a Food/Water Area

Once out, dogs need to know where to turn to when they’re hungry and/or thirsty. The days get hot, they get tiring, knowing where the water bowl is located is crucial. An area in the shade with some sort of roofing overhead is ideal, as it gives the dog a shady place when it’s sunny as well as protection from the elements. It is important to keep the food in an obvious place but to avoid overstocking so it doesn’t attract any unwanted guests.

Cut the Grass

Mow the lawn. Regardless of which season it is, mowing the lawn is crucial to keep your dog healthy and safe. Besides the obvious culprits like ticks and fleas, tall grass can house everything from snakes to sharp junk between its blades. Keep in mind that the pooch is just a few inches above ground, leaving him exposed. Another layer of protection would be treating the lawn with a non-toxic insect repellent as well as coating your dog’s fur every now and then.  A family with a black lab

Control Plant Life

Dogs like to dig, when not digging – they chew. It really doesn’t matter what, it could be anything from an old sock to an actual rock. This is why controlling what plants are present in the yard is crucial. A plethora of plants can be harmful to dogs after ingestion. Something commonplace like daffodils can be disastrous should your pet decide to use it as a chew toy. If a garden is present, carefully examine if anything needs to go before the dog is left to roam free.

Provide Security

Most people have this base covered, but just in case – fence off the backyard. Granted, dogs prefer to have as much space as they can get, but they also need to stay safe. Walling off the yard will not only ensure that they don’t wander off and get lost, but also help protect the dog from outside threats. A good idea is to place hedges and similar plants along the lining of the fence, to make the edges less noticeable and give the dogs a safe space to hide in when playing. Win-win.

Give Them Space

Security is a priority, on that we can all agree. However, take great care in not overdoing it and giving the lovable mutts as much space to run as they can. Everything you don’t need, consider throwing it out or giving it away. After clearing up the yard, it is a strong possibility that you’ll end up with more junk than you know what to do. A private rubbish removal company is your best bet to help deal with it and does all the heavy lifting. After the trash has been dealt with, the pooch can have free reign of the yard.

Love Your Doggo

Dogs light up any life they walk into, give them a little love and they will stay by your side forever. These little guys help us go through the difficulties life throws at us with a smile and truly deserve the best in return. Fixing up the backyard will not only make it look more presentable to guests at barbecues and the like, but will also give your best friend a something much more valuable – a place to call home.