If you have a dog, then you probably know firsthand how much love and joy your pet can bring to you. But could you assume that your furry friend can give you lots of health benefits, too? The truth is that dogs help their owners cope with many negative emotions in a healthy way. Moreover, they motivate them to stay active and thus keep their heart healthy. That is why dogs are believed to be some of the best pets for families, and rightly so.

When you are ending your marriage on paper, you and your family are very likely to suffer from many side effects of this process, including emotional pain, annoyance, fatigue, etc. In this case, your pet can help you cope with all those issues. It is reported that those owning dogs are less likely to sink into depression than those who have no pets at all. Moreover, these people are less likely to suffer from high blood pressure when they find themselves in stressful situations. It is also worth mentioning that playing with their dogs helps them keep cool all while anybody else would have already lost his or her temper.

Given the said, you are lucky if you have a dog. However, if you don’t, then you may want to get one. Even though owning a pet is associated with additional costs and increased responsibility, it is worth it. Note that getting a dog at such a rough time may be one of the most rewarding decisions you can make at the moment which will have lots of benefits for both you and your little ones. Below are the main reasons to get a puppy when your marriage is falling apart.

Dogs are great stress relievers

Is there anything more soothing than petting a dog? Or is there anything more engaging than teaching your furry friend a new command? These interactions have proved to put us in a better mood. There is also evidence indicating that walking a dog has a favorable effect on both our blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Being a great source of joy, your dog will always remind you that your life goes on and there are many more things to enjoy in the future. The more you laugh, the faster you get over your split! Try to google “dog in divorce anxiety” to explore more stories about dogs helping those with anxiety-related issues.

They love their owners unconditionally

No matter how loudly you snore or how many bad habits you have, your dog will love you and this is not going to change. And during your breakup, when it is hard to find something stable in your life, this love will help you keep sane. While so much around you is going to change forever in the nearest future, your furry friend will always be there to love and support you.

Dogs promote a healthy lifestyle

With no doubt, dogs come with increased responsibility. If you own one, you must feed and walk it regularly to ensure that your furry friend gets enough exercise. Truth be told, regular walks are very likely to result in lots of health benefits not only for your pet but also for you. Therefore, while you take care of your dog's health, you unconsciously take care of your physical fitness, too.

Except for simple walks, there is so much more you and your dog can do together. Starting with playing hide and seek and ending with hiking, you and your furry friend can participate in so many physical activities together. Also, take into consideration the fact that most women find female dog owners more attractive than those men who have no pets.

Dogs make up for the lack of communication between adults and their kids

When you and your ex-partner are amidst a divorce preparation process, you two are very likely to get involved in your divorced-related issues so much so that you don’t spend enough time with your little ones. As a result, kids may feel lost and lonely. At such a rough time, they need a friend such as a dog that will make up for that lack of communication. In this case, your children and dog may be a great combination, especially if your furry family member knows how to behave around your little ones.

Dogs are good friends

If your ex-spouse was your best friend before the breakup, then probably during and after it, you don’t have anybody to pour out your heart to. Given the emotional trauma you have recently experienced, it is normal that you don’t feel like making new friends any time soon and discussing your marital problems with every Dick and Jane. In this case, your dog is your best friend that if not can give you a piece of advice, then at least can become your sympathetic ear without blaming you for anything.

What type of dog to get

No one can tell you for sure what breed of dog you should get. Truth be told, you should take into account a lot of factors when choosing a pet for yourself.

First of all, you should get a closer look at your living conditions. Let us say, if you live in a small apartment or you cannot afford to walk your dog for many hours, then you should abandon the idea of adopting a highly energetic dog. However, if you own a big house with a huge backyard, then you can get exactly this type of dog. Also, you should take into account your personal preferences and wants. Adopting a dog is a big commitment that should be made only after careful consideration.