If you’ve got a dog or a cat, you’d know why leaving your clean clothes out on the bed is not a good idea. You’d know why it’s not okay to hold your pet after dressing up.

And if you’re not a part of the loop yet, here’s the reveal: both dogs and cats are likely to shed hair throughout the year! You’ll find it layering your sofas, carpets, bed, and everything else.

In some seasons, they shed hair quite excessively. So much so that at times you’ll hair their hair strands floating in the air. 

Now, this could prove to be troublesome for those with respiratory illnesses and allergies. Plus, having pet fur all-around your place at all times can make it a bit unclean & unwelcoming as well.

So, here in this post, we’ve compiled six effective tips to help you keep your house fur-free.

Brush your fur buddy every day.

Daily brushing is an excellent way of tackling pet hair shedding. As you brush through your pet's coat, the loose hair collects in the brush, and you can throw it away. It will keep the fur from falling and accumulating everywhere in the house.

Fundamentally, you have three types of pet hair brushes. These include: 

  • Pin Brush
  • Bristle Brush
  • Natural Fiber Bristle Brush

A pin brush is a good pick for dealing with hair clots and fine brushing. A bristle brush comes in handy when you have a daily brushing routine. It glides over and smoothens hair-ball-free hair. Natural Fiber Bristle Brush is good for picking loose hair accumulating on the outermost surface of your pet’s coat.

Cover Furniture

Most house pets are habitual of sitting and cuddling on the bed, sofa, and other furniture. Needless to say, it leaves the furniture covered with pet hair. 

We recommend covering your furniture with slipcovers. You can even use bed sheets or large pieces of cloth. Just keep your furniture covered most times, and remove the covers when you’ve to use the furniture.

In this way, you’ll save loads of time and effort. No need to pick out each strand every time someone’s coming over!

Use Pet Hair Remover Rollers

Pet hair remover rollers or pet lint rollers are similar to regular lint rollers. They pick up hair strands, threads, and other unpleasant stuff from surfaces and make them cleaner. The only difference that you’ll identify between a pet lint roller and a regular lint roller is that these are optimized to pick the tiniest of pet hair from the most difficult surfaces.

Disposable lint rollers usually feature 95-100 adhesive sheets. And they cost around $4-$6 per unit. We recommend these for on-the-go needs. If you’re traveling with a pet, you ought to carry a disposable cheap pet lint roller.

However, we recommend sturdy pet hair remover rollers like Delomo Pet hair remover roller for households. It’s a one-time investment of about $24-$26. But it’s 10x better in terms of performance. Such hair remover rollers come equipped with fine bristle brushes. As you glide it across a surface, it collects the hair in the storage box. You can empty it out once it’s full.

Frequently Change Air Filters

As mentioned earlier, a lot of your pet’s fur makes it to the air. It remains suspended in the air for indefinite lengths of time. And that is risky.

How so? Well, imagine someone walks into your house and ends up picking out a cat hair strand from the dish you just served. Embarrassing. Isn’t it?  

Or worse, imagine a cat-allergic friend launching into a series of uncomfortable sneezes owing to the abundance of hair floating around. 

We recommend changing your air filters often to address this problem. Since you’ve pet hair floating around, your house’s air filters are already under stress. They may get clogged over time. Hence, wash them and change them at least once every two months. Additionally, you can install air purifiers for better air quality.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

Even with the healthiest diet, the hair shedding process will not come to a stop. And that’s because it’s a natural process. It indicates that your pet is healthy and growing.

But ensuring that your pet consumes a healthy diet can ensure that they do not develop any skin or hair problems. It can ensure that their shedding doesn’t exceed their natural flow.

Deep Clean Every Week

Nothing beats deep cleaning. Even if you do all of the above, your house will still not shine as bright as it will after a deep cleaning session. So, we recommend a deep cleaning session at least once every 15 days.

To get rid of pet hair, it’s best you:

  • Wash furniture cover
  • Dust the surfaces
  • Clean carpets and floors using a powerful vacuum cleaner
  • Wash air filters

Final Thoughts

All in all, keeping pets and keeping your house fur-free are two parallels. It’s difficult to have the two simultaneously, but you can try! And we think, you must try. Otherwise, you may witness people declining your invitations or avoiding visiting your place. Apart from people, you may develop respiratory problems. Therefore, care is necessary!