Data privacy is naturally a concern for FitBark users and anyone who uses the internet and connected devices — there was a whopping 4.1 billion data breaches in the first six months of 2019 alone, Consumer Affairs reports. Many pet websites will collect plenty of data on your dog, so it’s important you take extra steps to keep both yours and your four-legged friend's personal information secure. Implementing just a few security precautions can be essential for protecting your data from hackers and malware.

Create strong passwords

Strong passwords secure data and keep it safe from financial fraud. There are several ways you can create a strong, unique, and complex password that can withstand potential hacking attempts on doggy websites. Ideally, your password should be at least 10 characters and include a combination numbers, uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols, and spaces. It should also be free from real words and personal information.

If this seems difficult, a password generator can easily devise a strong password for you. And since it’s not always easy to remember strong passwords, you can use a password manager to store all the passwords you use for FitBark and other websites. A password manager is locked with a master password and keeps the data fully encrypted, which provides extra security against hackers.

Download an app locker 

App lockers can provide another level of security for your precious doggy data. You can simply download one of the many app lockers available from the Google Play Store and use it for the FitBark app (as well as any other app on your phone). These app lockers let you lock your phone on the main screen and every other application, which virtually makes your phone an impenetrable fortress. When choosing a lock, you’ll have the option to choose between a pin code, finger print, gesture, or pattern depending on the specific app. Additionally, some app locks even take a photo of the person wrongly trying to access your phone after they fail to unlock it three times.

Keep your devices updated

Keeping your FitBark software up to date is an easy way to boost the security of your dog’s data. Software updates will be necessary every so often and are used to add new features and fix certain issues, including any security vulnerabilities. Whenever you install a software update, it’s also wise to check the digital privacy settings for any changes (you’ll find this in the Settings or System Preferences menu on most digital devices). When your FitBark software needs updating, you’ll automatically be prompted to do so on your dog’s home screen. You’ll need to stay next to your dog’s FitBark as the update installs and have the FitBark app open on your smartphone for the whole process.

FitBark is a great way to learn more about your dog, so you can better look after him. Taking these simple security steps can give you further peace of mind your privacy is being protected.