My friend has a pet, and she wanted to live with it in a rented apartment, but she made crucial mistakes, and her pet was displaced. 

The reality of renting an apartment is that you cannot have a pet without your landlord's approval or proof that you need your pet near you. This kind of proof can be a service animal or emotional support animal prescriptions.

So she decided to override the system and looked for different options where she could buy an ESA Pet letter for housing online without proving her mental health condition. But she did not know that it is impossible to get a LEGIT emotional support dog approval without considering the pitfalls.

Well, I will tell you her story and explain how not to make such mistakes with an ESA Pet letter for housing

Disclaimer: The names and some facts in the article have been changed to protect the characters' privacy.

My childhood friend Jenny Wilson grew up into a responsible person. She loves people and animals and was always ready to help you. But she cannot predict specific issues. 

Her lovely grandma Mrs. Clark had a dog. She was an amazing woman with great humor. My friend and I visited her every summer, and she cooked her special apple pie for us. One day, my friend called me to tell me the bad news – Mrs. Clark had died. It was a big shock and stress for her. Because granny meant a lot to her, Jenny remembered how the grandma cared about her. Her heart was broken. Mrs. Clark left behind the dog. 

A black lab sitting near water

After that news, my friend’s mental health was one of the main topics discussed whenever we met. Jenny did not have enough money to visit a psychologist weekly. She desperately needed help and was afraid to leave Mrs. Clark’s dog without a home. We discussed getting an emotional support animal prescription that allows her to be with a four-legged companion together.

She decided to take granny’s dog to her apartment, but her landlord's rules were not pet-friendly. She did not tell me that she just searched on Google an ESA Pet Letter for housing and opened the first link on Amazon to buy it. Of course, Amazon delivered it fast. Jenny showed it to her landlord, and... it was rejected, and the landlord asked her to get rid of the dog ASAP, otherwise an eviction process would be started. My friend did not understand what happened because everything was okay but … one crucial thing.

You can get an emotional support dog prescription only from a mental health professional if he/she knows your condition. Support dog IDs bought on Amazon do not work, and you just end up throwing away your money.

Jenny called me and asked to take the dog because she could not take her to a shelter. Of course, I agreed because I am grateful to her grandmother. At this time, my friend was suffering some bad conditions and found an online psychologist from another US state. She paid less money than it costs in our state. Her psychologist said she met all the requirements to get an ESA Pet letter for housing, but she should find a legitimate way to get help because she is from a different state.  

So, Jenny started searching how to get a legitimate emotional support animal approval online and discovered one service where a real psychologist reviews mental health conditions and helps people with their issues. She found a few companies and read many reviews, but one legitimate company had more grateful and wonderful impressions. 

Jenny contacted them and told them about her situation. They asked her to complete an online mental health qualification screening, unlike her previous experience. After that, a few hours later, a mental health professional from our state contacted her to manage her prescription personally. She got an accurate ESA Pet letter for housing that works. So, she understood that her money was well spent.

Jenny moved to another apartment, where her new prescription was accepted. So, her lovely grandmother's dog was lucky to be with her. They started traveling around the USA and living a happy life together. Her mood improved, and I understood how valuable it is to have a friendly animal with you. Their unconditional love heals us. I hope more people will have an opportunity to be together with their pets.

A black lab walking

I asked her suggestions for people who are looking for an ESA Pet letter for housing

1 – It should be written only by a licensed mental health professional in your state. It is essential to check the doctor’s license mentioned on the prescription.

2 – You must have a qualification screening. A mental health screening helps to understand how you qualify to be with an emotional support dog, and it is vital for you. If your conditions are suitable, you will be successful.

3 – Avoid websites that mention the word "registry". You do not need any registrations to get emotional support animal approval.

4 – Avoid buying any IDs for support or service dogs on marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, etc. You should be sure that you communicate with a licensed psychologist. It is an important thing to get a legitimate prescription. 

5 – You must be careful and use only legitimate providers.

So, I told you my friend’s story, and I hope your experience will be much better. I wish you to always be with your emotional support dog.