Pet-friendly hotels have become a worldwide trend, as more pet owners are now traveling with their dogs. Recent data indicates that 53 percent of pet owners hit the road with their fur babies, and this has resulted in the rise of pet tourism in major holiday destinations across the globe. Not only are there more pet-friendly hotels all over the world, but there are also apps to help dog owners find lodging for their pets, such as BringFido. Even AirBnB is making sure to have pet-friendly listings in their catalog. Staying in a hotel or any type of lodging that welcomes dogs can put your mind at ease and make traveling more fun for you and your beloved pet. If you’re planning to go on a staycation in a hotel in your area, or if you’re traveling abroad with your pooch, here’s a guide to staying in a pet-friendly hotel with your dog.

Ask about the hotel’s pet policy

Parents who constantly travel with their children know that the first thing that they have to do when booking a hotel is to ask if the rooms have been babyproofed. As most hotels are used to catering to families with young kids, they often come ready with pads for table corners, safety latches for toilets, and other babyproofing equipment. Pet parents should also exercise caution before booking a hotel room or a vacation apartment, and ask about their pet policy to avoid running into any problems upon getting there. Ask about weight or dog breed limitations, if there are any, and make sure to know about their pet fee. You may also want to know how much they’ll charge should the room sustain any damages while you’re staying there with your pooch. You should also ask if they provide dog equipment such as feeding bowls or dog shampoos so you don’t have to bring your own.

Find out if the hotel has a dog sitter for hire

In case you’re planning to go somewhere where they don’t allow dogs, have a plan in place to make sure that your pet isn’t left alone. Ask the concierge if the hotel has a dog sitter for hire, or if someone can pet sit for you while you’re away. In case they don’t have someone to do that for you, ask for info about a trusted company that provides this particular service within the area you’re visiting. Remember to ask about the fees, and find out if they’re offering a flat rate fee or if they charge by the hour.

Don’t forget to put a tracker on your pooch

You can stay at the safest, most top-rated hotel, but there’s always a chance that your dog could wander off or make a mad dash for the door. This is why it is essential to keep track of your pooch by letting them wear a GPS tracker, such as the FitBark, all throughout your stay. This device is especially useful to keep you updated on your pet's whereabouts in the hotel, just in case you have to go to a place where dogs aren’t allowed.

Going on a vacation or staycation is a lovely way to bond with your dog. Consider these tips if you plan on staying at a pet-friendly hotel, and make sure to plan ahead to have an enjoyable and hassle-free holiday with your fur baby.