A dog sniffing a bowl of cookies

Canines are often considered to be man’s best friend. It sounds like a cliché but you can bring your dog to work for therapy and stress relief. This is because they are not only loyal but also cordial, kind and warmhearted.

Workdays can be long and strenuous but introducing an office dog can influence employees physically, emotionally and spiritually. Canines and humans have a mutual attachment. In fact, friends with four paws are capable of reading and reacting appropriately to human body language and verbal commands.

Below are some reasons why having a dog at work means better mental health:

Stronger Work Relations

When you bring your dog to work, it provides a great avenue for forming friendships and business related connections. Since most employees want to be around the little friend, those who have never interacted end up having conversations not only on personal matters but also on work-related issues.

Bring Your Dog to Work for Reduced Stress

A dog friendly workplace lets the employees be present and preoccupied thus distracting them from issues disturbing them. Petting a friend with four paws can increase the levels of dopamine and oxytocin hormones which are responsible for anxiety relief and relaxation. Office dogs can greatly improve the mental health of the employees by minimizing worry and work pressure. So when you work with canines around, you’re bound to less stressed.

Positive and Healthy Lifestyle

An office dog requires constant care and attention in terms of grooming and exercise. This responsibility falls mainly on the employees who take turns walking the puppy. Engaging in these outdoor activities creates a burst of energy and at the same time improving overall physical health.

Dogs for Mental Health

Canine owners have improved mental health compared to those who don’t own any dogs. Constantly caring for a canine companion reduces depression and encourages positivity. There are mental health service dogs also called “comfort dogs” which offer support through attention and comfort.

Productive Employees

As an employee, you often get tired and bored but when you bring your dog to work, it increases work output. During office breaks, workers spend time petting the puppy which breaks the monotonous work routine. Also, taking the pet for walks can be invigorating.

How to Keep a Canine Entertained

A bored puppy can cause chaos and confusion, especially at work. To avoid such situations, institutions can come up with interesting activities for them. Here are some tips on how to keep a friend with four paws entertained:


Windows in workplaces provide great views for the activities going on outside.


Toys can keep the puppy occupied while employees work.

Dog Companions

Companies that allow their employees to bring their pets to work don’t need to find ways to entertain them since the canines socialize and play with others.


Employees who leave their friends with four paws at home are often worried about them and often want to get off work early to check on them. Allowing them to bring their dogs to work is a great way to increase productivity and ensure that employees spend more hours working.

Dog Friendly Workplace

A dog resting its head on a couch

To bring your dog to work can be a good thing, but there are several steps that should be taken to ensure that the workplace is conducive for these furry buddies:

• Make preparations in terms of space and employee tolerance to dogs.

• Make rules such as what dog breeds are to be allowed, if dogs are to be allowed all days and work areas that are out of bounds.

• Dog owners should be responsible for their pet’s biological needs, cleaning after them and ensuring that they are well groomed and healthy. In case some employees are allergic to dogs, they can bring kittens and provide their food – getting the best wet food for kittens ensures that your pet is catered for so you can focus on your work.

• Pet supplies are necessary for canines to feel comfortable in the office.

• The office needs to be safe for dogs. Wires and other chewable tools and equipment should be kept out of reach.

Canines Save Lives

Seeing eye-dogs and therapy dogs provide therapy for different health issues while also providing companionship. Due to their great sense of smell and intuition, canines can recognize cancer by licking or constantly sniffing those areas that later turn out to be cancerous. They also detect drops in blood sugar and can predict seizures prior to the knowledge of the affected person.

Since dogs have a sensitive sense of smell, they are often able to smell what humans can’t. In case of a fire in the workplace, a dog can detect this and alert the employees by barking and howling.


Dogs are not only cute; they come with many advantages at the workplace that are both beneficial to the employees and employers. Since some people are allergic to dogs it is only fair to introduce another pet with the same effects kittens would be a good alternative.

So tell us, which breeds do you think would be most suited for the office? Let us know your top picks for dogs for mental health in the comments.