With the upcoming Independence Day, it’s never too early to start preparations in order to get the whole family in the festive mood. Dogs love this excitement - they get energetic from all the buzz happening around them. So why leave them out of the celebration? With this easy tutorial you can get your pup looking stylish for the occasion - so they will feel included in the hype around the 4th of July. 

Timi, from Wire Fence, has put together this project in order to give her dog a unique, elegant look, perfect for any special occasion. It’s guaranteed to make your guests melt!

The good news is that you don’t have to be an expert in sewing in order to create this cute little accessory for your dog - you only need to own a glue gun! So there’s no reason to feel nervous about creating this project, as it will only take up an hour of your time, even if you work in a slower pace. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

DIY collar

What you’ll need

You’ll only need a couple of things - and if you’re lucky, you will find these scattered around the house anyway, saving you a trip to the store! 

6*10 inches piece of fabric (min.)

Velcro tape

Hot glue gun


So now that you’ve gathered everything, let’s get crafting!


Cut two pieces of fabric of your choice. For the bow: 4*8 inches. For the collar: 2*10 inches - adjust the length to your pet.

Fold the fabric for the bow in two and cut the 2 sides diagonally.

Turn the fabric and fold it in half the other way around, with the right sides facing.Glue the edges together with the hot glue gun. Leave the end open so you can turn the fabric right side out.

After the glue hardens, turn it right side out.

Tuck in the ends of the remaining side and glue them together.

Take the ends of the bow and fold one on top of the other in the middle.

Flip the bow and pinch it together at the center. Secure it with a little piece of scrap fabric and glue

Take the fabric for the collar and glue the sides down.

Place a piece of velcro tape on both ends and secure it with glue.

Stick the bow in the middle of the collar with glue and you’re done!


Like in the case of any collar, make sure the final result is not too tight around your dog’s neck and they are comfortable wearing it.

Choose a material that is gentle and doesn’t irritate your dog’s neck. 

You can play around with different designs - you can even create different collars for every special occasion!

So there you have it - a stylish little accessory for your pet to send everyone in awe in your 4th of July celebration!

DIY collar instructions