It is with no doubt that dogs are amazing pets. Bathing your pup can be tricky at times because you need to do it correctly. Just like humans, dogs need to smell, look and feel fresh. You need to help your dog with proper hygiene. Bathing can enhance the quality of your pet's life with a full groom. You should brush your dog’s teeth and shave its hair using the best grooming products from somewhere such as on a regular basis.  

With proper hygiene, you will enjoy spending quality time with your pet. Therefore, you can try out these bathing tips for dogs to make your bathing moments easier and fun.  

Buy the right bathing products

When it comes to your dog, you need the right bathing products, like baby shampoo or dog-specific shampoo. This will help to prevent allergies, dryness and skin irritation. Using a good quality shampoo also prevents suds stinging in their eyes.

A natural dog shampoo is always recommended. In addition, you will need a non-stick bath math to prevent sliding and slipping as you bath the dog.

For the ears, you need cotton balls for cleaning and to block out water that can enter in the ears as you bathe.

Thorough Brushing

Your dog needs thorough brushing. This is a factor that is often overlooked yet it helps to keep the hairs free of tangles and to help reduce shedding. In this regard, use the best brush for the dog’s hair and trim any excess hair to keep the dog clean.

Maintain consistency

Consistency is very crucial when bathing your dog. In this case, identify a cleaning spot and stick to it. It helps to make the dog more comfortable with regular bathing because of the calmness achieved in one spot. Keep in mind that when a dog is familiar with one spot, it will easily get used to regular bathing.

Therefore, try to help the dog to understand that bathing happens in a specific location and there is nothing to be afraid of. If you don’t have enough space in your apartment to bath the dog; use a bathtub that has a shower sprayer. This is excellent as it helps you to target every part of the body including behind the ears.  

For smaller dogs, it is important to use a sink. However, you can purchase bathing tubs specifically designed for dogs. It helps to clean your dog efficiently and without unnecessary water spillages.

On the other hand, if you have enough space in your compound or yard, bath the dog outside. Choose a sturdy flat surface as it provides room for thorough cleaning. Alternatively, consider a small kiddie pool as your dog’s bathing spot.

Never leave the dog unattended

Before you lather the dog, gather everything including shampoo, water, cup for rinsing, treats as a reward for staying calm throughout a bathing session and a towel. Clean the dog and pat dry. Avoid leaving the dog unattended especially on a bath tub as they can try to get out and injure themselves.

Maintain ideal water temperatures

Use lukewarm water to bathe your pet. It is great because it will keep the dog comfortable and it never causes scalding on the dog’s skin. Consider that your dog's skin is like that of a small child and it needs to be well taken care of.

Clean thoroughly

A dog is hairy and you need to clean well from head to tail. Most importantly, lather the soap; apply in a circular motion while paying close attention to areas prone to dirt and the paws. It is always essential to start from the feet as you work your way up.

Pay attention to ears and eyes to prevent soap and water from dripping inside. As you bath the dog, try to keep it calm and not shaky. Once you are sure of a good bath, rinse the dog from the head as you work your way down. Rinse until the water that flows is clear.

Blow dry or towel dry

Once the dog is clean, pat dry with a towel immediately or blow-dry. It helps the dog to retain heat and prevents shaking. A blow dry is good if the weather is cold because it will take longer for the hair to dry up. However, if it is warm, a towel is ideal.

With these tips, cleaning your dog shouldn’t be a hard task. Make the whole process fun and both of you will be looking forward to bathing moments.