Everyone needs a shelter of their own, and this includes your pet pooch. Whether you’re one of the two-thirds of dog owners that has to leave your pet home alone for long periods of time, or you have a busy household and a dog that needs time alone from time to time, a dog house is a must. But dog houses cost as much as $470 and many owners can’t afford this, especially when you need more than one to suit all weathers. Don’t worry, though, as these dog house ideas are affordable and will keep your dog safe all year round.

Cozy cupboard conversion

The average kitchen has 12 cupboards, according to Kitchen Seer. You’re also likely to have several cupboards in your utility or laundry room. These cupboards make great dog houses and they’re cheap to transform too. Depending on the size of your pooch, you may need to use one or two connecting cupboards. Simply take off the cupboard doors and remove the supporting vertical pillar from the front if it’s a double cupboard. Then, all you need to do is make it comfortable with some old bedding and cushions. Your dog will love his new home after a long winter walk as he’ll be able to cozy up close to the aga or tumble dryer.

A pallet house for warm weather

Spring and summer are great times for your pet hound to get the exercise that he needs to stay fit and healthy. Dogs should always have access to sheltered areas when they’re in the garden. Pallets make a great base for an outdoor dog house. Plus, they can be picked up cheaply or sometimes free of charge from warehouses, construction sites, and even pet stores. You’ll need at least four pallets to build your dog’s outdoor house. Affordable roofing materials for your dog’s outdoor house include a rolled roof or asphalt shingle. Asphalt shingle costs around $100-$150 per square, is easy to fit, and has a lifespan of 15 to 30 years, so it’s a good choice to protect the top of your house.

Barrel or drum hideout

You might be lucky and be able to pick up an old barrel or drum from your local pub, construction company, or car wash. If not, you can easily pick one up for less than $50 from online auction sites and marketplaces. When you’ve got your hands on one, simply remove one end and secure the barrel or drum to a wooden base to stop it from rolling. You can then put your dog’s favorite blanket inside and let him come and go freely. Barrel and drum dog houses are great when the weather is unpredictable, like in the spring and autumn, as they’re waterproof and warm.

Off-the-shelf dog houses are expensive. By building your own dog house, you’ll save money and ensure that your dog is safe and protected from the weather regardless of how hot or cold it is.